Car on the pillars of snow

There are situations, you know, when you leave your car somewhere in the city without any back-thoughts, but when you come after awhile you are discovering it on a kind of an island. This winter in Saint-Petersburg (the one that’s in Europe, not US) local road workers was cleaning the ice and snow from the streets. The only thing stood on their way was the SUV parked alone by the curb. Road workers were undoubtedly determined to keep the streets of Saint-Petersburg free of ice and snow, so they left nothing but narrow pillars of snow under the SUV’s wheels.

suv on the snow legs

suv on the snow legs

However, road workers aren’t always putting as much determined effort to clean the snow (or anything else) from under the car as in the story above, most of the time their job ended like this:

cars on the sudden island

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