Cat playing with deer

We are all got used to the idea of the animals that could be either domestic, tamed by our ancestors long ago, or wild, those who belong to the nature and living far beyond the reaches of human techy stuff. However, as almost anything in our analogue world, this division is kind of artificial and the border is, in fact, quite blurry.

The animals, that were domesticated not so long ago, or even in the first generation, like these domesticated foxes, are closer to the wild ones. Abandoned stray dogs could form a strong wolf-like packs of the canines of the different breeds but the same fate and act like the wild wolves.

On the other hand, the wild anymals living close to the humans and dependant on the various fruits of human labor could learn not to be afraid of the man and cat like a semi-tame.

Sometimes animals of the two worlds are making friends. Like in this case, when the home cat met the deer from the forest. Of course, the cat can think of the deer like of its prey, but from the side it looks pretty awesome. The deer also doesn’t fear of the cat and looks pretty calm and friendly.

cat playing with the wild deer from the forest

Cat and deer are making friends

Cat and deer are playing along

Cat and deer

House cat and the wild deer

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