Cats sleeping in weird places

Cats are sleeping 13—16 hours out of 24. However, their usual uninterrupted sleep period rarely exceeds 6 hours straight. Most of the time cats are just napping here and there for about half an hour, than waking up, doing something (either eating or shenanigans of some kind), and then becoming snoozy and eventually falling asleep once again.

The nap time can catch the cat virtually everywhere. The good natured cats tend to napping on their dedicated beds; the don’t-give-a-damn types can nap right on the floor, usually in the exact same spot where their owners’ risk of tripping over the cat’s stretched body is the highest; and the common cats, which are something in between, could nap in thousand different places.

1. Cat is sleeping in a tray. Photo by Brian Costelloe

If there was a hit parade of the cats’ most loved places to nap in, it would look something like this:

  1. Bathroom/toilet sink.That’s because it’s refreshing when it’s hot outside.
  2. Kitchen sink. The same as above plus it’s closer to the food.
  3. A box. Any box. Because cats are damn love boxes.
  4. Any constricted place. Apparently, the cats are feeling safer this way.
  5. The place you do think of as the less suitable for sleep.

2. Cat is sleeping in a wheelbarrow full of grass. Photo by mr moor

3. Cat is  sleeping in a shallow bucket

4. Cat is sleeping in the pillaged flower pot. Photo by Evelyn Moonshine

5. Two cats are sleeping yin and yang in a sink

6. Cat is sleeping in the Amazon box. Photo by Julie

7. Cat is sleeping on top of the mailbox. Photo by Mira Parent

8. Cat is sleeping in the drawer. Photo by Rachel H

9. Cat is sleeping on top of the speaker. Photo by Yasuhiro

10. Cat is sleeping in the linens. Photo by B. DeFlorio

And where does your cat nap?

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