Chinese gangster’s lost phone pics

As it was practically proven in the twentieth century, communism is not the cure for all the social problems, but rather the source of many. For instance, the crime rate in the USSR-led Eastern Block was, in fact, higher than in many capitalists’ driven dog-eat-dog western democracies.

People’s Republic of China, despite the slow and thoroughly controlled liberalization of its economy through the past twenty years is still, officially and in many aspects of life de facto, a communist regime. And it doesn’t help with the corruption and organized crime. It makes the life of the gangsters even easier. Governmental control over almost every detail of the people’s activities helps the organized crime to intimidate and plunder people through the means of corruption.

So it’s not a surprise that the mafia is doing strong in the mainland China. And here we can take a glance at the day-to-day life of the Chinese gangster who has lost his phone with a lot of personal and “work” related photographs saved in the phone’s memory. However, I must warn you: some of them contain depictions of violence and brutality.

1. Chinese gangster's pics: tons of money and a pretty tasteless interior

2. Chinese gangster's pics: luxurious car and more money

3. Chinese gangster's pics: more luxurious cars with the very expensive license plates

Chinese mobsters automobile collection is great beyond any doubts, but how does it compare to the auto park of the Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov? Not really close!

4. Chinese gangster's pics: more cars...

5. Chinese gangster's pics: working hours...

6. Chinese gangster's pics: and spare time—shared between the dog and the cash

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