Cigarette pack warnings

European regulations obligating tobacco manufacturers to put not only the predefined list of text warnings on their cigarette packs but also to corroborate them with the rather graphic images. These regulations raise some questions: Whether such measures can actually help someone to quit smoking? Or is it affects only teenagers who have not started smoking yet but are in the group of risk due to social pressure? Or is it just another illusion of control? However, what regulations really did is build up a whole new field for creativity.

Warning, cigarettes cause strokes and heart disease.

Warning, cigarettes are addictive.

Warning, tobacco smoke can harm your children.

Warning, cigarettes cause fatal lung disease.

Warning, cigarettes cause cancer.

Smoking during pregnancy can harm your baby.

Warning, smoking can kill you.

Warning, tobacco smoke causes fatal lung disease in nonsmokers.

Warning: Quitting smoke now greatly reduces serious risks to your health.

These should be posted on the walls of addiction rehabs. Totally motivating.

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