Closed staircase in Canada

When the bureaucracy wins and the letter of the law (willful negligence in this case) overcomes the spirit of the law stupid and quite funny things happen. Like in this case which is taking place right now somewhere in Canada. Probably, the owners of this place have been sued for willful negligence by someone who felt on this three steps despite the presence of the two sturdy railings.

Staircase closed for winter. We apologize for inconvenience. Reopen on or around April 13 2012

Closed staircase in Canada

It would be great if the residents of that area would celebrate The Staircase Reopening on April 13 with the huge party. Because when you will push stupidity to the limit it will become obvious.

2 thoughts on “Closed staircase in Canada”

  1. Close, but You can’t just assign a random country to a photograph, just so happens, this was taken in the United States on a college campus in upstate New York. But yes, we did have a staircase opening party

  2. Oh, thank you for the correction.

    What about the witty comment on the randomness of the country assignment, it wasn’t random at all – the person who submitted these photos and the story behind them wrote it was in Canada. This is a fact checking failure which I am guilty of.

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