Coin on a sidewalk

If there is evil hiding somewhere deep inside of you, rejoice. Here is one great tip on how to ruin if not a day than at least a half an hour for random passers by. Coin on a sidewalk prank takes some pretty sophisticated preparations, but it’ totally worth it.

1. The Coin on a Sidewalk prank

Here is some guy from Sweden. He welded a 5 Swedish Kronor coin (you can use any coin you like, actually) to a nail, polished the top side of the coin and drove the nail deep into the pavement making coin absolutely impossible to pick up. Hilarity ensued.

2. Weld a coin to a nail

3. Polish the top side of welded coin

4. Drive the nail into the pavement where the welded coin will be spotted by pedestrians

5. Watch the world burns

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