Condom Prices Around The World

Condom prices around the world

Image courtesy of Environmental Graffiti.

You can have your date in an American way – in the movie with popcorn. Or you can talk about theater and opera in the fancy French restaurant. Or just at the dump, shooting rats… It doesn’t matter. If you’re smart enough, you will always have one more title in your budget – condoms. Actually, this spendings are so inevitable they could be treated as sex tax.

The good question is: where is on our planet the highest taxes on sex? The chart above will give you the idea.

The most expensive sex (note that I mean only condoms, sexual partner comes separately) is in Ireland and the cheapest one in China (it’s not surprising, really). Germany has the cheapest condoms in Europe, and the United States are around the middle of the chart. In any case, the average price of the pack of condoms is around $12. It’s just too much. We should make these little thingies much cheaper if we want to fight overpopulation.

7 thoughts on “Condom Prices Around The World”

  1. I agree, but in the United States its exceedingly easy to get free condoms from health centers, planned parenthood, and most high schools and colleges.

  2. I agree with you to a point Beej.

    They are free unless you are allergic to latex.
    They don’t offer those and they are really expensive over latex.

  3. i think the world should have condoms for free since we all has $3xy time all day like 7/8times… we should all be aloud to use them since it is a very important key to our world staying at a substantial population. This would help the world stop hating on india since each fam has like 15 people…minimum. < no joke.

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