Creative bookshelves

The age of the printed word is coming to its end. Inks spilled all over the shredded, soaked and rolled wood are giving the way to the e-ink e-book readers like Amazon Kindle. With these little ambassadors of the new era you can keep all your library with you, anytime and anywhere.

However there are still a lot of people who prefer the paper books. They say they like the smell of the fresh out of the printing press books, like the tactile pleasure ink and paper books give ’em. Of course, this is not the real reason but a mere rationalization of the subconscious fear of new technologies. In any case, we are all still need the bookshelves because even the most technology savvy of us aren’t ready to give away all their old but precious collections.

1. Curved bookshelves by dbd Studio

2. Stairwell bookshelves by Trout Studio

3. Wood and ropes bookshelf by Amy Hunting, Norway

4. The bookshelf made of the wooden pallet

5. Slanted bookshelves

6. USA-shaped bookshelf

7. Avant-garde bookshelf

8. Bookshelves Furniture made of Reclaimed Redwood by Deger Cengiz

9. Icelandic tree bookshelf by Maria Yasko

10. Bamboo bookshelf

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  1. Good Morning Just a quick thank you for such amazing designs is there a possibility of letting me know where to purchase these items

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