Creative PC cases

There are a lot of people on our planet who are bored with the common gray or white of black (it doesn’t matter) boxes on their tables. They want their computers stands out and shine.

Creative PC case for spiderman

Like this little PC for Spiderman. More pictures below:

Creative PC case
Creative PC case
Creative PC case with a built-in telephone

Most of the modern mobile phones have pretty powerful computers built-in. Here is the vice versa situation – the powerful desktop with a built-in telephone.

Creative PC case

The Pyramid PC. Great for participating in discussions on the various conspiracy theorists’ forums.

Creative PC case - bottle

Even alcoholics need a PC with a fancy case.

Creative PC case

It’s not a toy bulldozer – it’s feature rich desktop computer.

Creative PC case

The PC that rocks.

Creative PC case with aquarium

What a nice idea of PC cooling – built-in aquarium.

Do you want to join the amazing world of PC modding and learn how to create such a great pieces of artwork? Here are two very good starting points for you:

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  1. I love the PC creations that where on this page it is so cool that people would do that kind of stuff!!!!!!!!!

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