Creative trailers

In the perfect vehicle everything should be perfect. Especially, when you’ve paid a small fortune for it. And if you are out of storage space in your nice and pricey car, you wouldn’t hook up a dull-looking, poorly built, purchased in the next-door auto parts store trailer, or would you? The perfect cars are certainly deserve the perfect trailers. And only those matching perfectly.

Fortunately, when it come to creative trailers, there are a lot of nice options. Here are some perfect examples.

1. One and a half Mustang

2. White Corvette is towing the baby Corvette

3. Baby Mustang trailer. Red as it should be

4. Trikes deserve fancy trailers too

5. Honda bike with the baby Corvette trailer. Photo by Gail Hatch

6. Orange Corvette 75 with the matching trailer hooked up. Photo by Bill Jarvis

7. Bike with the yellow baby Mustang trailer. Photo by Cyndy Kovacs Millo

8. Austin A35 (built in 1957) with the matching white trailer. Photo by Martin Alford

9. Bronze Chevrolet with the matching trailer

10. If you hate tailgating, this trailer is not for you. Photo by Spork Spelunking

11. Mini with the mini trailer. Go, Britain!

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