Cute geckos

How could lizards be cute? Most people don’t like all the reptiles, mostly because the reptiles for them are, first of all, the dreaded alligators and snakes. But the reptiles as a biological class are very diverse. There are millions of different species in this it and very few of them could pose any danger to humans.

Geckos are the family of the scaled reptiles, lizards. The different species have the different scales color, sometimes very vivid and out-of-this-worldly. Their size could range from the just a tad bigger than half an inch (1.6 centimeter, to be precise) to two feet long (60 centimeters).

Geckos make a great pets. You can keep them in terrarium, or even let them wander the home freely. While the latter is highly increases the risk of tripping over the snoozing lizard, or finding one in your bed, it will help to keep your house clean from the insects and even snakes. Geckos are carnivorous, their diet consists of insects primarily, but they won’t lose a chance to catch and feed on a small snake, even if it’s poisonous.

1. Cute crested gecko. Photo by Zaahir Moolla

2. Eye-licking good! The gecko's eyes have no lids and protected by the transparent membrane instead. Geckos licking their eyes with their tongues to clean up and moisturize it. Photo by Kenny Alexander

3. Cute green gecko is eating jam from a bowl. Photo by Martha Heinemann Bixby

4. Blue gecko

5. Gecko named Gordon. Photo by Garry Knight

6. Small wild gecko. Photo by Steve Jurvetson

7. Cute Palmatogecko named Lizzy. Photo by Aftab Uzzaman

8. Horned Gargoyle gecko. Photo by Chris Moody, Fresh Air Photography

9. Gold Dust Day Gecko from Hawaii. Photo by

10. Giant Day gecko from Madagascar. Photo by Sorensiim

11. Another funny factoid about the geckos: The most popular name among the pet geckos is Gordon. Guess why?

12. Giant leaf-tailed gecko from Madagascar. Photo by Frank Vassen

13. Cute shy gecko

14. Knob-tailed gecko

15. Cute gecko hanging on a glass gem

16. Cute gecko hanging on his owner's shoulder

17. Cute little gecko

18. Psychedelic looking blue gecko

19. Pet Leopard gecko named Spoon

20. Sinister Leopard gecko

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