Dangerous cosmetics

From the early days beauty has been the subject of a dispute. Sometimes it even started wars. Today, beauty does not demand so many sacrifices. You can visit the beauty parlor next door and be pretty be sure that everything they put on your skin is more or less safe. At least, safer, than it was in the past.

Ancient Egyptians tinted eyes with paint containing harmful substances such as lead, and copper. Greeks and Romans applied crocodile dung to the skin and added it to bath water. Lets see other horrible beauty treatments.

Eating of arsenic

Dangerous cosmetics

In the middle of the XIX century, a group of peasants who lived in the Austrian region of Styria, is actively use arsenic in food. They began with small doses and constantly increasing the dose, accustomed the body to the poison. Arsenic improve their health and complexion. But a sharp denial from it could lead to a variety of health problems, including death.

X-rays for hair removal

Dangerous cosmetics

It was noted that under the influence of the rays going hair loss, so they recommended as a treatment for hypertrichosis. Enterprising doctor Albert Geyser created pipe Cornell that radiated harmless “ultrasoft” rays that did not require any protection for the operator or the patient.

However, the consequences of such “treatment” was wrinkled, thickened skin and various skin diseases.

Wigs with rats

Dangerous cosmetics

In the XIX century it became fashionable volumetric “multi-storey” wigs incredibly complex structure designed to enhance the beauty of its owner. But to keep the wig on the head it had to lubricate pork fat, otherwise it threatened to collapse under its own weight. Pig fat attracted lice and rodents. Some women even slept with a cage around the wig to protect against rats and mice.

Tapeworms as a tool for weight loss

Dangerous cosmetics

At the beginning of the last century it was possible to stumble on advertising diet pills containing tapeworm cyst. It was assumed that the worm will grow and absorb the food that enters the stomach, causing a person begins to lose weight.

Cosmetics on lead

Dangerous cosmetics

In England during the reign of Elizabeth (XVI century), women often used the “Venetian White”, produced by mixing lead with vinegar. The snow-white complexion then considered the standard of beauty, and the a gloss also added the egg white. Lead poisoning causes hair loss, weight loss, pain of a different nature, brain damage, internal organs and other equally dangerous health consequences.

Drops of belladonna

Dangerous cosmetics

In Italian belladonna means “beautiful woman.” This plant has received the name because of the fact that the Italians dug juice belladonna (which includes atropine) in the eye, so that they shone beautifully, and the pupils looked great. However, regular use of drops can lead to total blindness, which often happened with the Italian beauties.

Foot binding

Dangerous cosmetics

The practice of foot-binding was born in China during the Song Dynasty (X century). With the help of strips mothers attached to the foot all the fingers except for the large, and from now she could only walk in the shoes of a very small size. As a result, the feet were subjected to severe strain, which sometimes leads to the loss of the ability to move independently.

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