Deer Fishing in Alaska

What would you expect from a fishing in Alaska? Tons of fun, of course, if you are into fishing. But would you really expect to return from your fishing trip with the catch good enough for the most skilled hunting party?

This story is from Alaska. The Alaska Quest boat was on a usual fishing trip in the Taku Inlet, when the captain Tom Satre spotted something strange in the water. Even for Alaskan wilderness the seeing a group of deers swimming in the salt water 1.2 miles off shore was strange.

Deers were exhausted and barely saw anything behind the waves. However, Tom Satre and his fellow fishermen managed to lift the deers out of the water (and it was pretty tough task to get a 80 pound of deer with its fur fully soaked aboard) and in an hour deliver it to the closest settlement, the Taku Harbor.

Deers fished out of the water

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