Dexter Kill Room prank

Have you ever wished to have roommates like these? Just imagine, you are going out of town for a few weeks and they are, rather than throwing the parties in your room, turning it into the scene from the Dexter TV show. How would you feel, when you will discover your room to look exactly like Dexter’s Kill Room?

Dexter Kill Room prank. Before and after

Here is how it looks like. Before and after the “lift up”. And how it should look like (some shots from the show):

Dexter. A couple of shots from the show

The guy who have been pranked said that it was the best surprise he have ever had. The prankers even set up the music from the show to play in the room and told the prankee that they are watching show so he wouldn’t ask any questions before walking in into his room.

So how do you make the Dexter’s Kill Room?

The process of making the Dexter Kill Room prank

And here is the result.

Behold the ultimate prank of Dexter Kill Room

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