Divided States of America

European analyst Vsevolod Istomin has predicted the break-up of the United States into 19 independent states. As designated on the map:

Map of the Divided States of America

1. California Republic
2. Mormon state of Utah
3. New Mexico
4. Indian Territories
5. Texas Republic
6. Louisiana
7. Florida
8. The Confederation of the Southern States
9. South Canada
10. Upper Michigan
11. Maine
12. New Hampshire
13. Vermont
14. New England
15. Free City of New York
16. New Italy
17. New Africa
18. United States
19. The Midwest Federation

According to Istomin, Americans are not so monolith nation as they are pretending to be. The richest states – first of all California and Texas – are not intended to be financial donors for others. They don’t want to sacrifice their prosperity, their well being to subsidize others who, in their eyes, have not tried hard enough. Newcomer immigrants don’t want to become Americans anymore. They want to save their national identity, their culture and traditions.

Istomin inclined to believe that the massive terrorist’s attack or overwhelming catastrophe could break the United States apart.

In this case California and Texas will declare independence. Being the richest and very influential they will assert their rights easily. At least Texas. In the Southern California the Mexican majority will fire up riots and the Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to retreat and leave the lands south of Los Angeles to Mexico. Los Angeles itself will be burned down by riots.

Maine and New Hampshire will fallow the Texan way. And Vermont have been independent already since 1777 to 1791.
Mexico will take Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada under control. Las Vegas will be looted and pillaged. Mormon theocracy will be set up in Utah.

The central part of the USA headed by Louisiana will fight the new waves of immigrants on the western borders of Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. Build up close relations with Texas Republic. Northern and North West states will join Canada. Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois and Wisconsin experiencing constant pressure from their warlike neighbors will form The Midwest Federation.

Full scaled civil war will come to the land of The Confederation of the Southern States. Most of the African American population of Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and both Carolinas ought to escape to lower Michigan. Thus the New Africa will appear on the map.

Cuban immigrants will take the power in Florida. Italian diaspora will be ruling in New Jersey.

Being one of the world’s most important financial center New York City will declare independence to keep its role on the international arena.

Actual United States will shrunk to New York w/o NYC, Maryland, Delaware, both Virginia’s and D.C.

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