Do it yourself: circles on the crops

Ever wonder how the circles appearing on the fields? Is it aliens or just some kinky pranksters (terranean type)? Or may be all that creepy circles are made in Photoshop, but some of them are made in Photoshop Alien Edition? In any case, now you can create your own crop circles at home using this simple Photoshop step-by-step tutorial.

Fake crop sircles photoshop tutorial

9 thoughts on “Do it yourself: circles on the crops”

  1. Such strange phenomenas are unbelievable hard to explain them.It is also true that people can make such things but only some of them,the rest of them are maid my UFO spaces if we wont or dont want to believe it because there are and other plants and this extremely big universe so these things are made up from their visit in our planet:) !!!

  2. i think aliens did it i mean were here why cant there be other things out there? and besides every crop circle you ever see out there has perfect circles everytime not a mess up at all and the designs are so sick that not any normal human being could do it ya dig

  3. to all of u dumis!!…if u were an expert on it….dont u think that u would be able to do it ur self??…because from high enough it looks perfect but as u get closer u might notice some missed spots…it is true that this universe has a longitude that its unthinkable…but if there really was something out there they would have come already because they would be so much prepared to destroy the whole planet with the blink of an eye so think about it twice before saying “OH YES I BELIVE IN ALIENS”….i believe everything its posible…but only in Gods hand and theres no other way……good bye and God bless u!!!

  4. I think when i explore this subject,is the (problem of diversity)being looked at in a new age way , reaching out…why? not how or who was the questions intended ,geometric patterns form the basis of life itself , is this why we ponder evolution whenever we see one? ,peace to you all….ps keep up the good work

  5. (^above smart guy comments) …to all u dumis? [dummies] …the rest of them are maid[made] my[by] UFO spaces[hips] if we wont[want not to] or dont want to believe it [so]because there are and other plants[planets] and [in]this extremely big universe so these things are made up from their visit in our planet:[my god who knows where this one’s going?!]) !!! nothing short of wow …
    …now that’s funny…quite funny in fact…in fact, why we insist on selling our own validations worthwhile, only to substantiate our point because of someone else’s point is wrong, pointing out the other person’s character flaws instead of pointing out what is wrong with the other point’s logic is just another example of truly, mentally inept we all are… i mean exactly how smart do think we are, as a collective world wide mind, how long did it take us to figure out slavery was wrong? that we had these things called human rights, birth rights, and god and his ten commandments didn’t list one? and how women voting? and have we figured out who can love who yet? christoracle

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