Doga or what to do if you got stucked in elevator with your dog

DogaIf you ever have thought that this world is gone mad you were probably right just lacked the whole picture. Reality indeed much more amusing. Well, a littler example:

How often are you doing your yoga exercises? Or have you ever doing any? I guess not often if any. But your dog and your neighbour’s dog are doing yoga asanas right now.

Believe it or not but there is the book at Amazon that can help you to get into the mystery of the dogs’ yoga or doga. In the Jeniffer Brilliant’s Doga: Yoga For Dogs you will find a lot of valuable advises on how to train your dog new asanas or, even more, how your dog could train you!

Shopping at Amazon don’t forget to put in your shopping cart Jenny Langbehn’s 97 Ways To Make Your Dog Smile and learn a 98th way for me right now: just show your dog the book about doga.

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