Dogs in Costumes

Some people say the dogs are reflections of their owners. If the owners are creative, some of this creativity is inevitably affects their dogs. Are they going to the Halloween party? Their dogs will go with them. Wearing a perfect costume, of course.

1. Garden gnome dog successfully infiltrates into the enemy ranks

2. One classy Great Dane

3. Leprechaun dachshunds. Photo by Anne Marie Nihoul-Weaver.

By the way, check the Anne Marie’s Flickr albums for more wonderful dog photographs.

4. Freddy Krueger dog

5. A dog in the costume of Red Riding Hood

6. Darth Vader and Yoda dogs

7. First responder dog

8. A dog in the superman costume

9. Little Chewbacca

10. The tiniest basketball player in the world

11. Can't recognize this costume. Any guesses?

12. Office job dog

13. A dog wearing Hawaiian grass skirt

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