Don’t believe your eyes

Imagination is a very powerful thing. It even allows us to see the things that aren’t true.
But sometimes everything goes so successfully that our mind has no choice except to fold the visible in a whole picture!

1) Imagine: you wake up and see this:

Don't believe
1.Do you like spiders? Source:

2) Levitation

Don't believe
2.Levitation cat. Source:

3) Sweater with stripes

Don't believe
3.Sweater with stripes. Source:

4) Teleportation

Don't believe
4.Teleportation. Source:

5) Sky is smiling

Don't believe
5.Sky is smiling.

6) Dual zebra

Don't believe
6.Dual zebra Source:

7) Take five!

Don't believe
7.Take five! Source:

8) They are planning something

Don't believe
8.They are planning something. Source:

9) Delicious Leaning Tower of Pisa

Don't believe
9.Delicious Leaning Tower of Pisa. Photo by: Mchael Hughes (

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