Eaten By a Tree

On of the most renowned bike grown deep inside the tree is the Vashon Island bike. Back in the 1914, when the first of the XX century’s deadly Word Wars flooded the Europe in blood, someone tied this bike to a little tree, joined the forces in Europe and never came back. The tree has grown and partly consumed the bike.

Vashon Island bike in a tree

Vashon Island bike in a tree by Kent Peterson

Here are the nice pictures and story by Kent Peterson. And if you have read Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkeley Breathed you probably would want to visit Seatle’s most interesting bike route on Vashon Island. Here is the map for you.

Actually, Seatle, Washington is not the only place on Earth where the different kinds of vehicles ingrown into the trees could be found. Here, a little example from Finland for you:

Bike in a tree in Finland

World’s famous eaten by tree moptorbike from Brasil:

Bike grown into the tree in Brasil

And a little less known tree grown through the old truck in Uruguay:

Tree grown through the old car in Uruguay

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  1. If the bike in Washington is a kids bike, it’s not likely that it was from 1914. Kids bikes were not even on the market until the 1950s

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