Electrocuted python

Sometimes, dine and dash goes wrong. In the human world the failed dash attempt most commonly turns into a couple of hours of doing dishes in the restaurant kitchen or a talk with the police officer. Nature is not so forgiving. In the wild, if something goes wrong it often goes fatally wrong.

This python snuck into a sheep farm in Illinois and dined with the lamb, the whole one as the pythons usually do. The troubles (for python, not the lamb) started when the time comes to dash without a mere “thank you”. Apparently, the hungry python is much thinner than the full one. On his way out of the farm the python stuck in the electrified fence.

Python stuck in the electric fence

Such fences are designed not to kill but to detergent any leaving creature. It pulsing with the high voltage power which shocks anyone who touches the wire for a period of time. One shock does no harm but it’s extremely unpleasant, so the animals and humans alike are tend to learn from the first time.

The distance between electrified wires of this particular fence is 10 inches (25cm). It was enough for the hungry python to creep in but didn’t let him out with the lamb inside. Python stuck, got shocked, attacked the fence with his teeth, got shocked again and again…

Electrocuted python

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