Elektronika MK-152 programmable calculator from the year 2007

Elektronika MK-152 Russian programmable calculator from the year 2007

Don’t be fooled if you will be offered Elektronika MK-152 programmable calculator in the antiques store. This isn’t something from the late 70’s. This is the newly announced (November, 2007) model of Russian programmable calculator.

Elektronika MK-152 is a bargain deal. For just 3800 Russian rubles ($154 U.S. dollars) you’ll get non-portable (no batteries at all, just plug the power cord into the wall to turn it on) 900 grams (2 lbs.) programmable calculator with the futuristic style “sensor” keypad, monochrome 128*64 LCD (three times smaller than the screen of the average modern mobile phone) and half a megabyte of memory (literally, 512 kilobytes).

More specs:

  • RAM = 10 000 bytes (9.5 kilobytes)
  • Built-in simple to learn programming language
  • Up to ten thousand lines of code in each program

Hmm… I guess there is a hole in the time space continuum somewhere in Russia.

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  1. The programming language of this device is very easy. There are many problems for non-programmers that should be solved. How much does it spend for engeneer to write program that realize his new function, if he doesn’t programming languages? In C++ it spends more than half of day. In this device it spends less than 15 mins. And about memory for example: a program to calculate square root takes 24 bytes only.

  2. Shame on producers. They’re actively trying to sell this crap for the educational institutes.
    Easy to programm, my ass. To program a calculate square I should use the 900 gramm beast?

  3. Guys,

    this device is cheap and very effective in the right aria with right people even today. It can can be used to control serial port and lpt, for example, and it’s easy to change programm if need to.
    What would be your solution in that situation?
    You would develop billion-dollar space pen again? Nah, Russians will continue using pencil.

  4. Yes, it not HP-50g and not TI-92 Plus. However, I even in projects of programs for Windows XP for the module of mathematical calculations use the own expanded emulator of programs of the Soviet calculators. This language is very simple, emulation works is more tremendous quickly and there is a huge library of programs. Such style of programming is very convenient and similar to a microcode in processors. Therefore, do not forget, that MK-152 the device of special purpose with an opportunity of wide application!

  5. There is the link in ttaks comment above. It’s in Russian. Try to search for email on that page to order one. But I wander if they can ship MK-152 outside Russia.

  6. It’s a device for use in plant automation, with A/D converters and such.
    You want devices like that to be sturdy and reliable.

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