17 thoughts on “Feces shaped bread”

  1. Mmmm… looks good. I might take some of my friends out for some of that bread… lol

  2. lol im a banana.

    (looks chinese acts american)

    (yellow skin white mind)

    yellow on the outside of ok u get it lol

  3. your mums look like that bread, i cant beleive that you have actually searched for shit shaped bread in google u sad twats, i can beleive its not butter……
    signed your momma

  4. hey jimbob….you came across this, too, and not only that you also sat here long enough to tell everyone that they are “..sad twats.” Yes, I know it seems hypocritical of me to write this, however think before you act.

    -some guy

  5. jimbob dont be out of order you might be a sad twat but people aint complaining bout that are they no so shut the f**k up lmao xxx and my mum aint bread lol your mum is you diuck head

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