Fennec — the desert fox

Fennec a.k.a. the desert fox a.k.a Vulpes Zerda is a very small fox with a grotesquely large ears. In their natural habitat in Tunis and Algeria fennecs are hunting for large insects and small lizards through the night and spending their days sleeping in the burrows or other natural shelters. Such kind of living made fennecs awesomely big eared and unbearably cute.

1. Fennec

10 interesting facts about fennecs

  1. Fennec is the smallest specie of canidae family on our planet.
  2. The word “Fennec” means fox in Arabic.
  3. Fennecs’ hearing is so sharp they could hear a prey moving underground 30 meters away.
  4. Fennecs’ ears are so large not only to help them hear better but mostly for the better dissipation of body heat in the harsh conditions of the North African desert.
  5. Some African tribes prize fennec’s fur more than gold.
  6. The soles of fennec’s feet are furry to help them walk on the hot sand.
  7. Though fennecs’ have never been domesticated they are considered exotic pets.
  8. Visiting the dedicated Fennec Zoo in Tunis will cost you 10 Tunisian Dinars which is about $7.
  9. Hunting for small birds fennecs can jump upto almost one meter high.
  10. Fennecs’ families are lasting live long (up to 10 years). When the fennec female is caring about their pups, fennec male is protecting them and providing them with food.

13 thoughts on “Fennec — the desert fox”

  1. yea first to comment…
    err…. well they’re cute?
    btw we dont really eat foxes….
    or do we?
    i mean no
    no wait
    we dont eat them
    er …
    ima gonna go eat my er foxilicious dinner
    4 now

  2. Aww, they are so CUTE. They look likee dogs though. The photos are really good, xxxxxxxx

  3. You need to consult with your local laws on that matter. However, you can’t export fennecs from Tunisia because it’s illegal.

  4. Why do people always want to OWN wild creatures.Leave them alone.To bad they are hunted for fur another injustice down to these animals.Are they on the endangered species list?

  5. Sorry darn iPad that’s done to these animals,so don’t come back with hate comments about spelling please.

  6. Fennecs are on the protected list in most North African countries as they could well become endangered due to predatory humans and loss of habitat. A really fat fennec would weigh 3 lbs, but the average size adult would be between 1 – 1 1/2 lbs. Although mainly associated with North Africa, fennecs are also found in the Arabian peninsula and in Qatar. Word to the wise, please do not ‘adopt’ a fennec…Fennecs are wild creatures, not domesticated. They do not adapt well to the domestic life and would not survive well in climates not ‘desertified’, not to mention that fennecs are only native to north Africa and Arabia. In Algeria where the fennec is the national animal and the mascot and name of Algeria’s national football team it is a punishable offence to do anything which endangers this smallest fox. By the way it is simply fennec, not fennec fox, fennec meaning fox in Arabic. (Same for sahara which is Arabic for desert.)

  7. they are soooo cute. i dont see why people would want to hunt them cause there so cute.
    If i killed one i would feel guilty for the rest of my life. i would never hunt one though.

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