Flags of Estonian Empire

Do you know what day is it today? February 24th. It is the Independence Day of Estonia — a tiny Baltic country.

Most of the time Estonia is flying below the radar. You can spot it in the wild while reading about something cool in the high-tech and IT sections. Otherwise, the nation of 1.3 million people doesn’t attract a lot of attention. But they surely have one of the coolest flags on Earth. Check it out in the Wikipedia.

United States of Estonia
1. United States of Estonia

The Commonwealth of Estonia
2. The Commonwealth of Estonia

Federative Republic of Estonia
3. Federative Republic of Estonia

4. Estonada

The Estonian Republic
5. The Estonian Republic

Republic of South Estonia
6. Republic of South Estonia

Republic of Estonia (South Estonia)
7. Republic of Estonia (South Estonia)

The Eztonian Republic
8. The Eztonian Republic

Peoples Republic of Estonia
9. Peoples Republic of Estonia

United Kingdom of Great Estonia and Northern Estonia
10. United Kingdom of Great Estonia and Northern Estonia

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