Flying Kremlin. Putin’s new jet

In Voronezh, the heartland of the Russian aviation industry, motherland’s best engineers are hastily adding the final touches to the two new IL-96 airliners. One for the president Putin himself, and the other for the Russian defense (or better to say, offense) minister Shoigu.

The world’s most expensive leather and precious wood furniture is already there. All the metal parts are gold plated. And the gym is fully equipped with the best machines. Some walls are lacking original artworks in reeded gold frames, though.

Flying Kremlin: seats
1. Seats

Flying Kremlin: Cabin
2. Cabin

Flying Kremlin: Cabin
3. Another cabin shot

Flying Kremlin: Kitchen
4. Kitchen

Flying Kremlin: Meeting room
5. Meeting room

Flying Kremlin: Table
6. Golden ornament of the table in the meeting room

Flying Kremlin: Bedroom
7. Bedroom

Flying Kremlin: Gym
8. Gym… on a plane

Flying Kremlin: Gym
9. Toilet seat and cover are gilded, as well as the entire sink

3 thoughts on “Flying Kremlin. Putin’s new jet”

  1. These images are clearly computer generated. Though, given the level of secrecy that surrounds the Russian president, it is quite understandable. I really doubt they would allow journos onto the real thing. Also, it is indeed very expensive but it is not ludicrously expensive. At least, the crapper is not solid gold.

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