FOIL method prank

College is the only time when you have enough time to do anything and no money to do nothing. Well, if you are creative enough you will definitely find something to do with all that free time. It’s not how much money you have, it’s all about the imagination… And a level of boredom, of course.

Exampli gratia, you can get a couple of aluminum foil rolls and try to explain the FOIL method to your roommate. I guess, he will get it, and your help with the Math course will be greatly appreciated.

Covering everything in the room, or cubicle, or any other closed space with the aluminum foil is not a new prank. But listen, the good prank is always a good prank, no matter how old it is. Also, this one is executed in the best manner possible.

FOIL method prank

The room covered in foil

Every single book is covered in foil

Everything in the room was covered in foil

All the walls and all the furnoiture in covered in foil too

Keyboard covered in aluminum foil

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