French and Russian Bullets Collided in Flight

French bullet hit Russian one in flight

Ukrainian treasure hunter have found a wonderful piece of history. Two bullets (one fired by a French soldier and one by a Russian, back in the 19th century) collided in flight and tinkered one into another. The chance of such collision is one of the billions. It’s easy to imagine how fierce the fight was. How dense should a fire be to make bullet hit bullet situation possible.

French bullet hit Russian one in flight
French bullet hit Russian one in flight
French bullet hit Russian one in flight

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  1. I remember seeing in a musuem, two muskets where the bullet from each musket went into the barrel of the other. Also, pretty amazing

  2. Okay, lets see…what do we have here….
    1: Fantastic claim, unlikely to be true.
    2: Pictures of smashed bullets.
    3: That’s about it. Sorry, gotta call bullshit. No pics displaying shared strike patterns, no links to references or study data, no explanation of how 2 small hunks of hundred+ year old lead were found and the conclusion arrived at.Total fail.

    1. How do you get from two antiques with historically identifiable features clearly fused together in a scientifically “age determinable” manner, to fail, without being a moron. PS – Bonus points for explaining how you see “2” hunks.

  3. A classic example of the fact that a very low probability implies that the event is not impossible. There is at least one other known example of colliding bullets. Ripley’s “Believe it Or Not!” reports a pair of fused bullets from the American Civil War.

  4. Surely with the amount of bullets humans have fired at each other over time it’s more of a surprise it hasn’t happened more often?

  5. Mythbusters tested out this theory based on the Civil War story, and determined that only absolute perfect timing and aim could cause this, they even had trouble getting the black powder rifles to fire in sync.

    And the more firepower being put into the air only makes it more probable to occur, though not by much. This could possibly happen in any firefight

  6. The Mythbusters did an episode about the Civil War mini-balls fusing and we actually able to recreate it. This is awesome that they found one that happened in real life.

  7. this is actually not too rare. In Gallipoli, Turkey i have seen hundreds of air-collided bullets of any kind. Gallipoli witnessed one of the most fierce battles in mankinds history.

  8. Oh jeez guys i’m sorry for being such an asshole before. Forgive me this looks completely real.

  9. if you visited one of the museum in Canakkale in Turkey, those pictures would be ordinary to you

  10. Hey Bill Vincent, your a dick and dont know what your talking about. It can happen and it is true. Obviously it can happen from Mythbusters doing it, TWICE!!

  11. 1:

    So, that’s 2 infantrymen firing their share of bullets? Odds become 1:500.000.000?

    With 500.000 soldiers fighting in the combined Franco-Russo armies? That’s 2 men firing 1000 bullets at each other? Reloading is 3 per minute? A five hour battle?

    So, that’s 2 men firing at each other over a 5 hour battle in combined armies of France and Russia. Sounds plausible that this occurred at least once?

    I bet these were the first battles to have this occur. The American Civil war was the next in terms of sheer lead in the air. It was bound to happen there. Gallipoli must have had this happen several times. Hard to avoid with automatic weapons. On D-Day it was guaranteed to occur?

    The amazing part is not that these bullets fused, but someone found them 200+ years later!

  12. There are museums in Gettysburg,PA with dozens if not hundreds of fused bullets. So this is not a rare event at all. Much like the stories of men being saved by something carried in their pocket, like a diary or bible. In Vietnam I had a guy in my unit that was saved by a enemy round being stopped by a paper back book.

  13. they have two bullets that collided midair in the smithsonian museum of american history. It happens.

  14. Sources please. Also, to alex above, Gallipoli was a site of a WWI battle, in which automatic weapons were used. The bullets above are from black powder rifles, which can only fire one shot and have a very lengthy reload time.

  15. Greetings to all,

    It’s a neat souvenir. About 28 years ago while living in Houston, I found a cannonball exploring in the woods half burried in the ground near the river right off of Old Galveston Road, and Monroe Blvd? It was named something else after crossing O.G.R. I can’t remember. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the woods. It was perfectly smooth on top, and pitted out where it had been in the earth. My mom made me give it away because she said it could be filled with gunpowder, and therefore unstable. I gave it to my best friend at the time, Warren G, Harding III, great-grandson of the late President Warren G. Harding. I suspect that it was from the battle of San Jacinto, but I am not positive of that.

  16. In response to “Me”;

    19th century = 1800s. World War 1 happened in the 1900s (20th century). I believe this is probably from the Napoleonic wars, though it could be the Crimean War or some other “smaller” conflict.

  17. oh wounderous bullets, why should’st thou fuse?
    is it to puzzle, perplex or bemuse?
    improbable notions enharbour the cynic
    a really crap poet would end this with kinnock

  18. Bullshit card. This can’t happen EVER. Justification: it was a Russian bullet and a French bullet. France doesn’t know how to use a bullet.

  19. Interesting sideline on the warring and ‘kick em when they’re down’ propensities of human nature: the attacks on Bill Vincent only started after he came clean and apologized. Pricks a plenty make for mashing bullets, methinks.

  20. Yayyy! Bill Vincent! You settled THAT! Yaayyy! You made the whole internet so afraid of spreading false information, we know they won’t ever post ANYTHING unless you verify it for everyone. Please allow us to contact you: please post your email address so we can get the truth from YOU before we lie again! Yaayyy!

    or, no.

  21. I want to beat the p*ss out of people when they say things like “oh, it’s photoshopped, i can tell by the pixels.” YOU HAVE NO F***ING CLUE! SHUT THE F**K UP!

  22. The Gettysburg museum has several of these, as does many American civil war sites. Not common, just not as unexpected as you think. Some reasons for not common is that you have to find the bullets.

  23. I personally think the chances of two bullets hitting each other are far more likely than 1 in a billion.
    Look at it this way, people are firing at each other, generally in a battle field straight ahead at the guy shooting at them. They would be lying down or on 1 knees so bullets are firing directly at each other. They wouldn’t have to be fired at the same time just fired in time so the bullets meet in the air.
    I think its a wonderful find, I bet there are more though.
    Also what would be the point of faking it? what an odd thing to fake or even to think of faking.

  24. I like to think that these bullets colliding saved the lives of both men (they were obviously on lethal trajectories). Both of these men were probably never aware of what happened.

  25. Leave poor Bill Vincent alone. Allow his blissfull ignorance as we would a small child. We all grow up someday and have to face the real world. Poor Bill will find his time, in time. Until then let him live uninformed of the realities of life as they will come soon enough for poor Bill.

  26. These bullets are obviously in love.

    Here are the facts:

    Fact 1: Mythbusters may have proved and/or disproved that two bullets can meet midair. This in itself may be proof enough for some people that this did indeed occur. Other people might argue that mythbusters is a terrible show and that they structure their experiments in such a way that is designed to achieve a desired result. There are still others who believe that mythbusters is a secret government mind control program designed to change people’s brainwave patterns and to alter the very foundation of reality and thought due to the perhaps mistaken belief that people’s thoughts and opinions are the same thing as truth.

    Fact 2: Mr. Vincent may have experienced a total fail, a partial fail, or perhaps just some misunderstood sarcasm- real or imagined. The incredible thing is not that someone disagreed with something that seems fantastic or highly unlikely but that so many people chastised him and commented on it.

    Fact 3: Some events have a higher probability of happening than others. The probability that someone will say “This photo is obviously shopped,” is very high. This happens nearly everywhere on the internet where posting is possible. The probability that someone will comment on that comment is slightly less likely but still very probable. However, someone replying to an ‘IT’S OBVIOUSLY SHOPPED’ comment is still much more likely than someone posting a poem that includes reference to the man that may have failed. This poem, though unlikely, is far more likely than someone falling in love with the poet. But that is what happened. We have proof.

    By a close examination of these facts we can conclude that Mr. Vincent probably failed, turkey is a scary ass place to live, Beth and El Grogg may someday find happiness in each others arms, and that nothing that I can write can top the previous comment by Lee.

  27. Is this the same Bill Vincent who appeared in several Sam Raimi films, as Fake Shemp?
    Probably not.

  28. Yes, this is the one and only Bill Vincent that acted in such films. Finally someone has recognized my acting prowess!

  29. No there were two Bill Vincents. Unfortunately they had a head-on collision on 1-25 and tinkered into one another.
    What are the chances?

  30. ME: the post says it was from a war that took place sometime in the 19th century (1800-1899), the WWI was from 1914 to 1918 (20th century).

  31. Great! It makes sense that this took place in an era of gun fighting in which rifles could only discharge one shot at a time. It was a need to attain the best aimed shot… otherwise, you would have been worm chowder hehe.

  32. Shit with all the gangbangers shooting at each other in L.A., you could probably finding a few of these laying around on Rosecrans blvd. Leave it up to the spicks and porch monkeys to f**k a up a perfectly beautiful city (and State, for that matter) But of course I will be condemned for saying that. Hard to be honest without the P.C. police jumping your sh*t. Sorry, I menat most of those f**king lowlife spics and n**gers, not ALL of them.

  33. Hey T-man. I think its great how you made sure to blur out the bad words but not your ignorance, you toothless, hunchbacked, dumb, sonofabitch. I swear to Christ I hope someone shoots you in the balls just to make sure you don’t spawn more little useless downward spirals like yourself. I hate you.

  34. OK I have a few problems with this. The bullets were not fired from a black powder gun. Bullets fired in black powder were only one shape that I know of and that was a round ball, a sphere. Those shown are clearly shaped ammo. with a flat base and then a point on the front end. I am not sure when smokeless powder was developed but it causes me to doubt the time element.

    The fact that they struck each other is not at all surprising. I attended an autopsy of a man killed in a police shoot out and he was hit with 17 projectiles but only had 16 holes. It took a couple of hours to figure it out but it was because two projectiles had entered the same hole but from different directions. It was determined by the path of travel of each projectile.

    why do they think it was French and Russian. could it not have been two guys dueling or something similar? Though you do not see all four sides it looks like the bullets are the same.

  35. I’ve seen this kind of thing the world over. In Australia I saw 2 boomarangs fused together. In North Dakota I saw 2 arrows fused together. In Iraq I saw 2 shoes fused together. It happens all the time.

  36. That doesn’t make sense I don’t even. All of this fighting and he doesn’t afraid of anything.

  37. in the south of France they found two rocks fused together in a cave. Thrown by two battling cave men.

  38. About the mythbusters episode that’s been mentioned a few times – they did conclude it was unbelievably unlikely, but that was in a one-on-one situation – it is one in billions that way. Battles involving thousands of soliders, particularly considering the strategy of holding fire for concentrated volleys, that’s a lot of firepower in the air at the same time. Thousands of soldiers taking hundreds of shots multiplied across dozens of battles, and it’s not terribly unexpected that a a bullet collision happened. In more modern wars, it becomes more and more likely as more firepower can be put downrange at the same time – WWI involved heavy machinegun fire between adjacent trench lines, WWII saw machineguns with higher rates of fire, as well as the advent of submachineguns and assault rifles. Almost all modern military weapons are capable of burst or full automatic fire.

  39. I had this happen when playing 1 on 1 paintball a few years back, we got a couple of in-air collisions.

  40. Something similar happened to me recently. I was on the toilet, shitting away merrily. Unbeknown to be, my next door neighbour was at the same time defecating with equal enthusiasm into her toilet. A few feet below us, the sewage pipes merged.

    Astonishingly, two of our turds reached the join in the sewage points at the SAME TIME. The logs crashed into each other with such ferocity that the two turds MERGED and became one. The force of this event actually cracked the pipe and the hybrid log burst back up into the street.

    Rushing outside, not even pausing to pull up my trousers, I recovered the chimera shit and now keep it on a silk pillow in my lounge, where I proudly display it to guests.

    I have since started a relationship with my next door neighbour.

    This is 100% true.

  41. this is so obviously a shoop, I’ve seen many shoops in my time. you can tell by the pixels.

  42. hey guys, i want to apologize for how I acted before…I guess that I did it because I like to seem smart…I know it sounds stupid but I love the feeling of people looking up to me. Like when women look up to me for my huge guns (if you want to see them E-mail me at They love when I flex the bi’s and tri’s. Sometimes I put baby oil on them, the women love it.

  43. Maybe not head to head but I’ve recovered many dozens of melded bullet on bullet impacts from a full bore rifle range(7.62 NATO)in Australia where the steep trajectory ground entry point implys it was fired at six or seven hundred meters

  44. I only wish both bullets had hit me and killed me. then my fake suicide attempt wouldn’t have happened. But, on the other paw, I love being a thief and a liar.

  45. Bill Vincent is innocent! Well. He’s only mildly involved. It’s the Kardashians really! Kim and her ample booty especially. Bullets are attracted to each other. It’s a well known fact that like objects seek out like objects. In a sub atomic way all bullets are slightly moving towards each other. And coins try to group too. We would do well to pay attention to these little sciences. It’s from them that mankind will disappear with a mighty wheeeeze!

  46. To ME (way up there, closer to the top/middle)

    The article says 19th century. WWI occured in the 20th century. (1914-1918)

  47. @Me: “Weren’t France and Russia on the same side in WW1? Why would they shoot at each other…?”

    These bullets are not from WWI. They;re likely from the Patriotic War of 1812, when Napoleon invaded Russian Empire.

  48. shopped, i can tell by the pixels….ok, guy who got pissy about that…have you been on the internet before? once or twice? every pic/vid out there, more or less, has this as a comment. its not meant seriously that they think it was shopped…i mean, i kknow generally people writing on these sites are nice, kind, considerate, and completely honest people. but those who think its funny to say, shopped, i can tell by the pixels, just to say it and piss people like you off, well, they exist. its a sad truth. im so sorry to break it to you.

    btw, that was totally shopped, i mean, look at those pixels! clearly shopped.

  49. Hey guyz :p

    I do not know if its fake or not.
    I like the idea of the possibility of it though but if it is a fake the post was a very successfull troll (Y) KUDOS

  50. >> HL971

    “Mythbusters tested this…”

    Your an idiot. Those two goofy asses had two guns, intentionally trying to impact bullets. OF COURSE THAT WOULD TAKE PRECISION! But get on a battlefield with hundreds of guns going off towards each other and it could happen by chance. It would be hard for them to have done it they were TRYING to, like the mythbusters, but it just happened you narrow minded dumbshit

  51. I don’t have any figures that bear directly on this particular bullet find, but I do have some early wartime statistics that provide some sort of basis for forming a judgment.

    In 1914, it was believe by both the German and French armies that the density of men would be decisive in battle so both fielded huge numbers in the battle of the Marne (the fist big engagement). The Germans fielded more than 2 million men and the French somewhere near 1 million. The rifles they used could fire around 6 to 10 shots per minute. (The British could fire 15 aimed shots per minute but there were only 100,000 men).

    It’s not difficult to see that during the battle there would be hundreds of millions of bullets an hour shot across a relatively small front line, so a collision is not that unlikely.

    Some year ago I picked up on the western front (and stll have in my possession an intact French 75mm shell case (not cartidge case) from which the nose fuse was missing. On the screw where the nose used to be is a deep gouge mark clearly made by a rifle bullet. I can only think that the shell was struck in flight by the bullet and dislodged the fuse, so the shell did not explode on impact.

  52. Bill,you are fkn awesome dude. I LOVE your angle. Speaking of which,

  53. @ Cheesy Bob

    At the risk of encouraging you, I must tell you that I went into a laughter/coughing fit when reading your turd fusion bit. Good Lord. I was drinking coffee and I almost choked.


    I’m neither Hispanic nor black, but I was deeply offended by your idiocy. You should not breed.

  54. >>Pieter

    ridiculous pipe dream. Not even worth saying, it’s so farfetched, not to mention cheesy.

    >>anyone who is about to flame me for this

    You agree with a statement so out of touch with reality it hurts. enjoy your fail and aids.

  55. Myth Busters TV show should try to re-create this. It seems a myth to me, like the bulls-eye arrow Robin Hood split with his arrow to win the fair maid.

  56. @ bogie211:
    although spherical bullets were used in muzzle loaders a lot and for a long time, cylindrical bullets [w/ pointed fronts] predate cartridge ammo. more surface contact between bullet and barrel means a better seal for the propelling gasses and a better spin for the bullet hence longer and straighter flight. and look it up if you don’t believe it but they figured that out a long time before they started making cartridge ammo, [just before the civil war]

  57. Sorry I was in a pissy mood before but I forgot to mention I also like to take it from behind from other dudes, if anyone’s interested.

  58. I suggest all the skeptics check out the Gallipoli Penninsular War museum in Turkey. There are several examples on display of rounds striking rounds in flight.

  59. @bogie211:
    Google “Minie Ball”, black powder bullet, and probably what is shown in the pictures.

    I absolutely agree. Maybe a bullet fused with a white flag…

  60. Okay.. reading the comments was more fun than the article (could it really be called an article??) itself.
    Highly amusing, Cheesy Bob.
    Bill Vincent, I think you’re officially a celeb now.
    El Grogg.. that was moving.
    glitch, that cracked me up.

    It’s very tempting to say something cheeky about pixels but I shall refrain for the sanity of all those present. Have a splended day..

  61. To the people that bite on the photoshopped comment. Don’t you know that those comments “. . . I can tell by the pixels.” is a slam on the people that say it is fake right away.

    Wake up and learn when you are being played.

  62. I’m not surprised. A case happened in the Los Angeles County Sheriffs, Temple City area some years ago wherein an off duty Deputy Sheriff got involved in a gun battle at the Bahooka Restaurant with an armed robber. The robber fired his .38 caliber pistol and the bullet went down the barrell of the Deputy’s .45 caliber semi-auto pistol, exploding the gun and blowing off some of his fingers. His off duty Deputy partner then shot and killed the gunman from behind.

  63. These are perhaps the greatest comments ever. I just wanted to add my name to this piece of internet history. Also, if people believe that the existence of humanity is the product of random events, why is it so hard be believe a situation like this could happen? Personally I find it much easier to believe that a man rose from the dead than in evolution.

  64. Well, I tried to apologize, I tried to tell you that I did it for the women, and I tried to tell you that I am smart and your not. All I have left is to tell you to stick it where the sun don’t shine and rotate. *runs off to cry in the corner*

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  66. Clearly shooped.

    Also, fuck Mythbusters and the retarded horse they rode in on.

    Seriously, fuck those guys.

    Most retarded, bullshit show ever.

  67. That would be my luck. Shoot to kill and have my gun blow up in my hand. This is why my weapons of choice are biting sarcasm and hurled insults. Much less collateral damage.

  68. I don’t see why everyone’s so skeptical of this. Yes, it’s an unlikely event, but it serves as a reminder for just how brutal war can be. The chances of this happening are remote, but in a heated war, there’s enough bullets flying around that it’s not as uncommon to find these as one would think.

  69. @ Bill Vincent, Kurrus, and the people discussing them.

    most people that post they think something is fake, do it because they don’t actually care about the picture/video/subject but they have some strange twisted juvenile sense of humor. when you get mad and say things like SLKH did:

    “I want to beat the p*ss out of people when they say things like “oh, it’s photoshopped, i can tell by the pixels.” YOU HAVE NO F***ING CLUE! SHUT THE F**K UP!”

    There usually laughing so hard they can barely sit still…

    so next time just ignore those people, and maybe they will go away…

  70. hey,

    i can quite believe bullets would do this. these comments have hugely surpassed the article itself and dwarved its relevance.
    Fucking hilarious, i actually read all the way through this, it was so funny. We all have to much time, particularly Bill Vincent who has made several contributions to the discussion. I imagine him sitting at home, checking this website every few hours, desperate to see which of his new friends are berating him now. Maybe he gets some sick thrill from the abuse he gets or simply derives energy from being hated, who knows.


  71. The fused bullets are amazing, yes, but not all that unusual–and by no means impossible. I’ve seen fused bullets and/or musket balls at Civil War Museums in Vicksburg and New Orleans. And black powder doesn’t rule this out: Combatants in the black powder area tended to be much closer to each other in free-fire volley situations than was the case in later wars. Also, even before automatic weapons, during fierce combat, there was a lot of lead in the air and simultaneous fire is more the rule than the exception in fire fights. Also, non-spherical shot has been used for a long time, including during the Napoleonic wars from which this artifact presumably dates.

    Sorry, Bill: You fail.

  72. lolololololOLOLOL
    these comments are so much better than that picture
    tbh i couldnt care less about the bullets coliding

    although some God botherer has to try and get everyone to talk about his sh*t

    “if people believe that the existence of humanity is the product of random events, why is it so hard be believe a situation like this could happen? Personally I find it much easier to believe that a man rose from the dead than in evolution.”

    what so big beardy men in the sky is the cause of the love between two bullets

    btw i also love El Grog
    and i want his poems to keep in a box made from fused items

  73. haha makes me think of all the Believers in god…. Lets Hypothisize how many times this hapt… HAHAHA

    One in a billion HAHAHA…

  74. This truly is a piece of Internet history. Check out tinyurl dot com slash BillVincentIsADickheadAndSucks

  75. Deducible flights, toll nil.

    a comment on ‘bullets collided in flight.’ also an anagram of it.
    and off he goes, back into the night…

  76. aha, awh man. The impeccable pixels in those pictures yearn to be disproved. Billvincent you are my hero. El Grogg and beth shall tell this story to their grandkids some day.

  77. Well now I know why this is on stumble.

    Very interesting article.
    Even better comments.

    Right now I wish we were all having this conversation in real life, faces to faces, so we can pick out the bull sht and see how many different Bill Vincents there has been.

    @ Bullpenman, this is not internet history. Fail.
    @ El Grogg and Beth, kudos
    @ Mitch, lol
    @ Lee and Glitch, great posts
    @ shoopexpert, you’re an effing noob
    @ Cheesy Bob, lol
    and @ tman F*ck you

  78. Bill Vincent is so stupid. He thinks he’s all cool with his claims of fake claims. I wish people like him would stfu.

    Great pictures btw.


  79. Ok, with an infinite number of monkeys firing an infinite number of guns at each other, eventually they will blow enough holes in each other to spell out the complete works of Shakespeare.

    With all the monkeys firing guns, it’s a statistical possibility that it would happen, therefore anyone denying it’s possibility is denying reality.

    This being the internet, assume everything is fake, everyone is a single white 35 year old pedo male in their parents basement, and everyone claiming to be a child is an FBI agent.

    But I believe it is probable that this has happened more times than we have discovered, and even if this is a fake instance, that only means the person showing it off is fail.

  80. I thought this was a “when you see it, you’ll shit bricks” picture for the first five minutes.
    I was gonna point out the two orange buttons in the background.

  81. >> I was gonna point out the two orange buttons in the background.

    This is just a calculator.

  82. I think you all need to turn off your computers and go outside to have real interactions, with real people. Get a life you losers.

  83. It’s from sometime after the napoleonic wars – at least one of those is a minie bullet, rather than a standard lead ball of the early 19th century.

    Almost certainly crimean, as it’s the only time Russian and France have fought directly since the introduction of the ordinance (in fact, it was one of the first wars the Minie was used in).

    And it’s certainly possible. Unlikely, yes – but not ridiculously so.

  84. Bill Vincent, is that you? We really need to talk… the Sheriff has been looking for you but hasn’t been able to find you.

    Who is supposed to feed the babies, Bill? WHO!?!

  85. This kind of thing is common enough that they have several examples at each of the museums of the battle fields of the american civil war. Try Anatiem or Gettysburg.

    The real problem is finding such in all the bullets fired and left in the earth.

    ‘Otterly possible

  86. I’ve been to the Knob Creek Machine gun shoot several times. During night shoots with thousands of rounds of tracer rounds being fired down range, I have seen tracer rounds hit each other and deflect in mid flight.

  87. yeah its possible dont be stupid

    …and for “Person with a life”

    you got a front door too, why aint you usin it instead of flaming people about how their on the internet…just…like…you xD

    fuckin hilarious comments though :p

  88. this is totally possible it happened in the movie wanted like 20 times so it has to be real.(this is a joke)

    on another note whether its real or not it still looks pretty cool and makes an interesting story :)

  89. There are probably a lot of them out there that remain unrecognized by the average person.

    Benjamin Koshkin

  90. Epic win OP! And Mr. Vincent is clearly wong! I used to fuse marbles with my brother Shontelle back in the days. If you don’t believe me? You obviously haven’t seen two angry negros in a fight over a game of marbles. The results were usually funky looking but there’s this one pair of balls, one with yellow, one with blue and they fused to make a gorgeous (I mean GORGEOUS) green. The greenest green! We also have a box of old copies of Jet magazine signed by Rick James (of all people)! Lawdy. In the attic is this cardboard box that (I SWEAR) has a SOLID SNAKE INSIDE. The odd thing is that you don’t see snake.

  91. It’s shopped,please don’t beat the shit out of me yet.I haven’t had the chance to bang your mother.

  92. All the bantering and bickering not w/standing, it comes down to this, 2 guys just like you or me escaped death. incredible luck beats incredible odds. or did one or the other die after the next reload? or both when during the next fussilage the bullets missed each other? or did both men survive to ripe old age never knowing that fate had preserved their lives.OR did they know? relatively slow velocity ammo, large caliber. might have been just out of the barrel for one of the guys. did either one see it and say screw this and cross himself and run off to become a preist?
    odds, shmodds; shit happens and it happens all the time.

  93. Grantham museum in Lincolnshire has a pair of fairly hefty machine gun bullets fused after being fired from the same side, one hitting the other diagonally from behind, naking a a > shape.

  94. Im not too sure about the authenticity of these bullets due to the shape of them. These look more like rifled bullets which came to more of a distinct point. But i do know it happened in the civil war, or American Revolution. This wwas possible because enemies (100s and sometimes 1000s of men) would line up strait accross from each other sometimes less than 20 yards away, and they would stand there and fire at each other until one side either died or gave up. Also, at that time they were using bullets called musket balls which were generally .5 inches to .75 inches. .5 is typically the largest caliber hand held gun used in todays wars. You can imagine it was quite possible for two 3/4 inch balls to hit each other and become fused. With the shape of more modern bullets by the mid 1800s that were tapered, this will never happen again in a non experiment enviornment. What made it possible was the fact the bullets were made of soft lead, usually larger than 1/2 an inch, and they faught straight accross from each other at close range. This picture doesnt look real due to the fact they were tapered ammo, but i could be wrong. If this is real then its more rare than musket ball collision.

  95. Well, this is really interesting . just stumble upon this and i guess i have benefit reading .

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  97. It is true. I actually was aiming for the bullet when I hit it. It was a duel between me and bill vincent I. (bill vincents great grandfather) in the end I decided to spare bill Vincent Is life, and he later became a signer of the u.s. Declaration of independence and an actor in Hollywood.

  98. I have no doubt this is real…however, somebody on here said that automatic weapons were used in WW1. The only fully automatic weapon in existence during that time was the Gatling gun. Automatics didn’t really come along until WW2 (for warfare, anyway).

    By the way, black powder guns like muskets didn’t use bullets. They used balls. Big difference. Bullets imply a projectile that encases it’s own means of propulsion.

  99. You people are so funny to me when so quick to debunk anything that is just naturally awesome. War is hell and this phenomenon is completely believable hence you not having total breakdown in events.If we had to give beginning, body and ending to everything we said to each other we wouldn’t talk.Just read it and take it for what it is, nod with a smile and even maybe share it with someone,then move on goddamn you!

  100. No joke in afghanistan, some fellow soldier were saved by them shooting so many rounds that a bullet cut the necessary wire that was hooked up to 1 x 500lbs bomb and 2 x 250lbs bomb. Was inside this suicide bombers truck. And fuck boys, lottery, 1 chance in millions. People win it all the time. Sperm, one in billions! Yet here is bill vincent…this chosen one

  101. For those of you interested, and because I have not seen anyone mention this (probably because no one know or cares about this conflict. These bullets likely were fused during the Crimean War Which pitted the Russians against the French as well as the British and others This war lasted from 1853 to 1856. The Minie balls pictured here were invented in 1848 because of this we can also eliminate Napoleons invasion of Russia as the likely culprit because that happened in 1812. So no these were not WWI (1914-1918) bullets. The US Civil War took place between 1861 and 1865. so the Minie ball would still have been the primary ammunition. There are several accounts in letters and other primary sources that indicate that events like this took place during that conflict. For anyone else wondering the Battle of Galipoli took place in 1915 and yes France and Russia were allied during that but Russia did not take part in that battle. The first Gatling guns came about in the US Civil War, but were maybe only used a handful of times (if that there is really no real proof that they were ever used during that war) WWI saw the first major use of Machine Guns by armies.

  102. WOW, if it’s on the ‘net it MUST be true. I call BS too. I’m from Missouri. SHOW ME (the proof).

  103. Ok, all day today Mythbusters has been on and the Bullet Dropped vs Shot show has totally got me atidcded to the SBU so very sweet. I currently have a row of unicycles in my garage from mini 2 footers to an 8 footer, and THIS will be my next one!!

  104. When a bullet hits anything, the softness of the lead DOES NOT stay intact! The force of 2 bullets colliding is phenomenal! There would be only tiny shards and slivers left of lead. This is an untrue story, think about it.

  105. OK, doubters in live in Atlanta and relic hunt with my metal detector. I have dug and have a collision between a Confederate and Union(Pritcher and Williams.) plus another friend has a “sunburst” like the one shown

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