Funny license plates

In the modern society the demand for unique and personified items is growing stronger with every new thing that could be customised in any imaginable way. T-shirts with witty sayings, weird iPhone covers and laptop decals — all these things are selling better than the hot pies.

In some countries the government is playing along and making some more money by exploiting not only its citizens directly but by exploiting their never dimming desire to be a little bit more unique, to stand out of the crowd a little bit further.

In the United States the government is selling customised license plates. And it seems the sales are great.

1. NOTDUMB license plate on the Smart car

2. F my life license plate on the Corolla with the smashed window. The owner must be really unlucky

3. Messing with the Virginia Shenandoah National park commemorative license plate design

4. European Union caffeine formula license plate

5. Sugar Cube

6. Audios Audi

7. LOL tus Lotus

8. He probably should buy a less expensive car

9. Dogs person license plate

10. This Corvette is sure awesome

11. Please, don't ask me what he is referring to

12. Automotive copycat of the Captain Obvious

4 thoughts on “Funny license plates”

  1. here in tampa, fl about 3 years ago i was driving behind a pick up truck with a save the whales plate….the letters on the plate AGINA. i tried and tried to figure it out and then i saw it! the plate features the whale’s tale in an upward swing forming what appears to be a V!!! to this day, i wish i had a photo.

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