Funny squirrels

Squirrels are among those few wild animals which are living with humans for a long time. They are dwelling the parks in the busiest, the most densely populated urban areas, they are occupying the trees in the suburbia. Amateur photographers are using them as their models and the squirrels often don’t mind to pose for a little.

1. Squirrel is checking if photographer professional enough. Photo by Peter G Trimming

2. Squirrel is waiting for the photoshoot to start. Photo by  Forrest L Norvell

3. Operatic squirrel. Photo by Haley Beans

4. Showing you tongue. Photo by Ingrid Taylar

5. Squirrel is showing off its mad acrobatic skills. Photo by Artful Magpie

6. Anticipating squirrel. Photo by  Peter G Trimming

7. So, apparently, he is going for her camera phone. Photo by Genséric Morel

8. Squirrel stealing a peanut

9. Shaking off the snow

10. Squirrel kissing the dinosaur

11. Squirrel snatched the whole jar of Nutella somewhere

12. Stretching squirrel. Photo by Tomi Tapio

13. Standing still

14. Squirrel posing on camera

15. Looking from the back. Photo by Ian D Nolan

16. Curious squirrel. Photo by Tim Fields

17. Posing squirrel

18. Dancing squirrel

19. Squirrel posing for portrait. Photo by Kristof Borkowski

20. Squirrel steals a slice of pizza

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