Fuzzy and Famous

Animals are cute and funny. It is good to have one at home and play with it. Of course, if you are not allergic.

Developing some skills in your pet is always hard. It demands a lot of patience. Teaching your old dog a new trick will surely take a lot of time.

Here you will see some of the most extraordinary pets that have deservedly earned their place in the Guinness World Record history.

Giant George, a 43-inch-tall Great Dane from Tucson.
Oldest dog – Bluey, an Australian cattle dog, holds the world record for oldest dog at 29 years and 5 months of age.
Smallest dog – Boo Boo is just 4 inches tall and weighs in at a mere 2 pounds.
Most tennis balls in mouth
Loudest purr – when he is happy everyone around him knows that, his purr is measured with 92.7 decibel.
Puggy, a male Pekingese with a tongue that measures 4.5 inches long.
Longest cat – A 6-year-old fluffy feline from Reno, is the certified longest cat in the world. He measures 48.5 inches long from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail bone.
First bionic leg implants – Oscar the cat is the first animal to have received two bionic leg implants.
Balancing glass of water – Sweet Pea, an Australian shepherd/border collie, has a strange record of walking down the steps while balancing a glass of water. (10 steps)
Fastest skateboard ride – traveled a 100-meter stretch of parking lot in just 19.68 seconds.

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