Gasoline Prices Around The Globe

gasoline prices around the globe

Gasoline prices in the major capital cities. Per gallon, in US dollars.

As you can see on the chart above, gasoline prices in the world are quite different. Londoners have the most expensive gas on the planet, what is quite explainable for the island with a high standards of living. Fortunately, their distances are shorter than ones in America or, exempli gratia, Brazil.

Also explainable that the lowest gasoline prices are in Caracas and Tehran, because Venezuela and Iran are among the major oil exporters. But what’s strange – the gas prices in Moscow and Lagos. Both Russia and Nigeria exports a lot of oil and have the pretty stable economy (at least, in comparison with Iraq, where the gas is half cheaper).

And how much is gasoline in your area?

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  1. You forgot Stockholm, Sweden. I think we have the most expensive gasoline price. Today we pay about SEK 13,89 per litre.
    1 gallon = 3.78541178 litre
    3.78541178 litre * 13,89 = 52,58 SEK
    52,58 SEK = 8,70 USD

    I hope I calculated this right.

  2. These prices are inaccurate. Gas in the NY area is hovering above $4/per gallon for regular grade.

    In fact, 4/per gallon is the national average. the prices in the pic are way off.

  3. These prices are ancient. Toronto has paid more than $1.00 per liter for a couple of years. It’s about $1.38 per liter now; price converts to approx. $5.22 per US Gallon. US Average in June 2008 is closer to $4.00 per USG. Many of the prices in this nice graphic match values from numbers released in March 2005!

  4. The Mexican goverment (Secretary of Ecomony) claims that Mexico has the cheapest Gas in the World, wich is of course another big lie from the goverment and keep saying it will remain like that for many Years, Is it true?

  5. This doesn’t appear to adjust for taxes. Some countries heavily tax their gas and others get that tax revenue from taxing other things more heavily.
    The people paying else where still pay the taxes, just on other products or services. It is more a list of taxing then actual gas cost.

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