Hell theme-park in Thailand

The Wang Saen Suk Hell Garden located on the outskirts of the Thailand’s capital Bangkok is the whole theme park depicting Buddhist hell and all the tortures over there. It’s just like your average theme-park but built upon the other imaginary universe. Instead of Mickey Mouse you will find there zombies, and people eaten alive by the not-so-friendly cattle instead of Donald Duck, and a choir of singing and dancing skeletons instead of seven gnomes.

1. Statues depicting torture by the spears and the raven in the Hell Garden park in Bangkok

2. The whole park is actually endless scenes of torture

3. And the tortures over there are morbidly imaginative

4. Thai Hell theme-park

5. Thai Hell theme-park

6. Thai Hell theme-park

7. Thai Hell theme-park

8. Thai Hell theme-park

9. Thai Hell theme-park

10. Thai Hell theme-park

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