How to lose weight fast?

This guy has gained 630 pounds due to stress and than he has lose almost all his fat. But this is don’t come easy. He has surgery to remove the superfluous skin and a lot of physical exercises to become normal again. So the best way of weight loss is still do not gain it at all. This is the sole case when to gain is easier than to lost.

How to lose weight

Read the the weight loss diary. How to lose weight and prevent Diabetes.

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  1. Man those pictures are incredible, A++ for the acheivements to that guy.

    Hey, I was about 45 pounds overweight, then I got type 2 diabetes, pretty much got my act together overnight, after that…..NO MORE SUGAR, seriously, this works like a charm. cut out sugar and high and medium glycemic foods. Im sure we’ve heard it a thosand times but the weight will fall off within months, even without additional exercise.
    Just have patience.
    All the best. Dave

  2. I know what it means to be fat. And what it means to be skinny. I hate it but i gained weight now again… since i was a child i has an inclination to stoutness. and Dave you are right all you need is to be patient. Now i weight about 75 kg (dunno it in pounds sorry) but used to be 45 kilogrammes just half-a-year ago. I know i have an ilness… dunno how to call it in english, perhaps gluttony? but i have been to doctors but her treatment session did not help me at all. I can’t stop eating now, it’s awful, and it continues to happen every day, i can’t break the chain… it’s stronger then me. But i have already had that kind of period in my life about 2 years ago. That’s why i’m sure i’ll break the chain somehow. I just HAVE to do that. I can’t wait to see myself skinny again, i suffer a lot. Once i have told about the thing that i can’t stop eating to my dad. He made himself look like her cared but after our talk he continued to bring “Mars”, “snickers”,, “Estrella”, “Cheetos”, and stuff from McDonalds home. Right now i can’t fit in my pants, that’s why i sit homw and even don’t go to studies, I play truant. That’s so sad. But i’m afraid to step outside of my flat. Parents don’t care. I used to be a dancer when i was skinny and fit. A go-go daner. You know dancing is a whole world for me. Seriousley. I’ve lost and gained weight several times, and all this times when i was skinny i was go-go dancing, that’s almost my whole life, i have been a dancer for about 6 years now (with gaps surely)… I can’t wait to go back to night clubs life =( I miss it alot… well.. that’s my little story. And id like to add – I’m so F*cking proud of this guy!!! MAN You are a real HERO for me! Stay this way!! And a little advise to ones who wishes to be fit and slender – just GO for it, don’t be afraid of ANYTHING, cause it’s so damn worth it! I swear by all that is sacred!!! Bye ! Kissess guys! Take care! Anastasiya, Latvia

  3. I was 54 kgs 7 years back and now im 80 kgs. i was very hot and people thought i had teh best body in my school. unfortunately thats seems like a muth to me now. i looka t myself in the mirror and i question myself if i was ever what i see in my old pics.i cant stop eating.i sign up to go gym and then i never go. i eat all the time. id ont knwow hat to do. im very sad and i stopped socialising for a long time.and now i have only a handful of friends. im proud of yoru change.pls keep it up.god bless.

  4. im over weight i wasnt when i was younger but since my teens ive had two kids and im only 20. i hear its easier to lose weight when ur young but i still havent lost it yet i go for surgery for my hernia and the doctor told me to lose some weight so im trying. i dont remember how i did it before pretty much told myself pop is digusting which it was and only drank water and only ate really when i was hungray
    which got easy after awhile but now im trying to train my brain again its hard

  5. Well i am 15 and i weigh around 166 so i am over weight which is not good!!! I have tried to go to a gym but i never have time because of school and everything so i am mostly at home doing homework or on my computer looking up different ways to lose weight which is pretty sad i know. I tried also taking simple walks around town but i have to cut those short because of school and babysitting so i have like no time to excersice with sucks!!!! So if anyone out there has any advice for me please post cause i could use alot of help!!!!! I want to lose around 50 pounds or so because i dont like my body right now!!!!!
    I have heard of this drink that you can drink it is this lemon mixture you make and it helps you lose weight but i odnt know the recipes and before i wanted to starve myself to see if that would work but after starving myself, i just gained all the weight back and i also went vegetarian for a week which didnt work eachier because i cant stick to only apples and oranges

  6. I am a nutritional counselor and have helped folks lose weight for over a year now! A patient of mine has lost over 150 pounds! I used to be bulimic when I was 12 until my early twenties because I did not understand how weightloss worked! What I have learned is that It is all about calories ! On avarage a woman needs about 1800 calories a day to maintain at a current weight. For men it is about 2000 calories. Of course if you are very active you can eat more because you will burn more calories and if you have l

  7. (sorry about that) …if you have a lot of muscle your body will burn more calories. But for the average person who is overweight starting with a calorie restriction is the best way to start. For women start at about 1400 calories and spread those calories out throughout the day meaning don’t starve all day and pig out in the evening. Try to keep your evening calorie consumption around 500 OR LESS! As your stomach gets use to the lesser amount of food then restrict to about 1200 calories a day. If this is to difficult just focus on eating at a calorie level that is UNDER 1800/2000 because that means your body will be burning off at least what you are consuming. Even if you do about (1600 women)/ 1800 (men) your body will start losing! Purchase the book “Dr. Colbert’s, I Can Do This Diet” for a ton of food and snack Ideas! This is the book that I have taught ALL of my patients out of who have all been very successful!


  9. Awh wow! Thumbs up for that guy!

    I’m trying to lose weight…I just keep failing!

    I’m around 123 kg….I used to be 138 kg….
    I’ve been on 111 kg 1 year ago…so I’ve gained like 12 kg in a year!!!! O.o

  10. Wow, I wish i could loose weight like that .
    I am 13 years of age, and is 178Lbs, I need help i have a uncles wedding comming up soon, and i need to look good in a bridesmades dress up above my knees

  11. WOW! Well done.
    I used to weigh 180pounds a month ago. I lost 20 pounds, give or take a few. I would like to lose some more fat because I am still very heavy. My body has actually stoppped getting any slimmer. I don’t understand why i am not losing any more fat.
    I am eating all of the right foods (I researched thoroughly) and i walk at a brisk pace for an hour, twice a day. I have also recently been doing some yoga. So why aren’t I any slimmer)
    Anyway Good luck everyone!

  12. The first step to weight loss is MOTIVATION. You need to focus on the future. Think about how amazing you’re going to look in that bikini. Think about how great you’ll feel.

    Calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate). This is the amount of calories my body burns without any exercise or movement whatsoever. There are plenty of BMR calculators all over the internet. My BMR is around 1600 calories. After adding around 200 calories for extra movement throughout the day, I’ve calculated that I burn around 1800 calories a day.

    Cut out all sugar and chocolate. If you’re motivated enough, this will be easier than you’d think. If you really can’t handle no chocolate, eat a small serving of semi-sweet chocolate chips to fix your craving.

    If you currently don’t exercise at all, start off doing light exercises.
    I rode an exercise bike for 10 minutes every day for a week. The next week, 15. The next, 20. The next, 30. I now exercise for 30 minutes a day. For my height and weight, riding an exercise bike for 30 minutes everyday will burn around 400 calories. Cutting out an extra 600 calories from my diet allows me to burn 1000 calories a day x 7 days a week, burning 2lbs a week.

    Im 15 years old and have lost 20 lbs. 5 lbs more and I’ll be a healthy weight:)

  13. I am 18 about to be 19 in about 3 months. I got pregnate at 17 and i gained alot of weight.I have been heavy my whole life so i never had that feeling of being skinny.Befor i got prego i lost about 60 pounds.then i gained it back plus more.I am extremely over weight and very unhappy.
    I isolate my self from everyone.I eat when im bored i eat when in depressed i eat when im stressed i eat and eat and eat.then there are days when i dont eat at all.I need help.I need motavation and for some one to help me be at my breaking point.I am at weighing 315 lbs

  14. lossing weight is easy if you believe %100 you are going to do it.
    set a date that is not that far away and not that close to lose whatever you want to lose. and everytime you want to eat imagine what are you gonna do when you reach your goal, ex. where are you gonna go out what are you gonna wear, who will you be with, what other things you are gonna do for your new look. and dont starve your self but eat veg. and fruits and try to move more and more. drink water and imagine it washing your body from the fat cells but slowly slowly. dont ever day its going to take long time. time is reletive so think that its not along time comparing with the time you are going to live after reaching your goal. NOW you have food to run to from reality and work and ect. In the future You will have a better social life to run to, a better clothes and fashion, a better places to go and have so much fun. waaay more fun than the enjoyment of a fatty meal. and be away from people who discourage you or ignore them.

  15. I am 12 years old and I weigh between 50-60 kg!!! please help me! I at least want to weigh around 40- something kilo’s

  16. I am only 9 years old and i really need help!i weigh about like 38 kilos and there is so many sags near the outer skin of my ribs…and when i grow up i really want to be a model and have a good, healthy life.But i don’t think i will succeed without tips! I just can’t stop eating!I promise myself that every day i will go jogging and biking with my dad, but no, i just am always getting taunted by how slim Shakira looks and i’m like HOW DOES SHE DO THAT?i always dance to songs that get you moving, and i order from a diet shop, i even ran all the way from the left side of venice beach,TOO THE RIGHT SIDE OF SANTA MONICA PEAR! 2 TIMES A DAY!!! and still i don’t lose weight.I GAIN WEIGHT!my mom says it’s from my slow metabolism and my dad says its because i am eating too much sugar.I can’t help it! the things i like i think is healthy is kind of fatnning in some way, like when i was 7 i figured out that salad sometimes has fatnning dressing on it…All the popular slim kids make fun of me and try to do reverse phycology on me too gain weight and never be pretty…Almost every single second of my life i have been thinking about how fat i am.And i just wish there was a miracle that i would be skinny, i am not saying i want to be as skinny as a stick, i just want to reach my goal of 26 kilos and im not even losing! but every time i lose weight, i GAIN it all back, :( please help me!

  17. hi, i am a girl who weighs 77kgs ,is 5.4″ft tall and 23 yrs old living in india.i gained 20kgs over the last 3 yrs of my college life and hv made several attempts to lose weight through rowing,swimming,jogging,gymming but have failed miserably due to my huge i hv realised that no matter how much exercise u do, 75% of ur weight loss comes from ur diet.i have started gymming again this time with serious diet and hope to burn all my fat in 4 months.
    remember : u didn’t care for ur body for last 3 yrs and gained all this weight SO 4 months is almost nothing compared to it to bring it back in shape.
    wish me luck!!! i hope i succeed this time……..really hope so!

  18. hello im am 13 years old and i want to loose with ive never had a boyfriend before cause im fat i weigh about 150 lbs ! that alot i dont know how much it its in kilos ? i need help ive been going to a gym lately it been good i used to wigh 130 lbs but ive gained 20lbs i need hellp any recomendation of loosing wight ? :D thanks for your carenesss !

  19. honestly, one or two little teaks in your diet is all it takes. everyone’s body reacts differently to different things, so it takes some trial and error. Personally, i incorporated some excersize in my routine and it didnt do much.

    end result: for me all i had to do to lose weight was have some high fibre cereal for breakfast. and i still eat chocolate, chips, etc.

    Again, everyone’s body type is different, some people will need a few teaks, some just 1/2, like others have said, be patient! :)

  20. Hello I’m 14 years old,I weigh 76 kilos and i want to lose weight. I’ve tried diets but there was no effect! Could someone help!

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