How To Make Billions In A Few Minutes

Zimbabwe dollars
The king’s ransom in this boy’s hands is just a 60 United States cents (literally, US$0.60). Not so long ago Zimbabwe – pretty large and populated country in the southern part of Africa – issued a brand new banknote with 500,000,000 value trying to fight 8,000,000% annual inflation. I wrote about is before in the ‘Zimbabwe Inflation‘ post.

However, Zimbabwe is not alone. In the beginning of 90’s Yugoslavia – the country now separated into Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia etc. – has experienced the comparable economic stagnation. Here is a five hundred billion Yugoslavian Dinaras banknote from that times:
500 billions Yugoslavian Dinaras
Germany in the mid 20’s:
Germany inflation
Janitor cleaning the street from the worthless millions (left). Woman found a better way to spent her money (right).
Uzbekistani sums
Even nowadays Zimbabwe is not alone. The man on the picture above is holding a bunch of Uzbekistani Sums worth no more than US$10.

7 thoughts on “How To Make Billions In A Few Minutes”

  1. I love to get a double-armful of those notes! I’d wallpaper my guestroom in them and look like I was rolling in dough!

    On a serious note, this is a bleak and dreadful picture of what their economy is like. This is a disaster, and can only bring more hardship in its wake.

  2. You’d think, with all these horrible examples, that the current U.S. plan to conjure a trillion dollars out of thin air would be seen for what it is. This time, there won’t even be much paper to burn. Most of the U.S. money supply is just bits, so there probably won’t be a $100 billion banknote before the Constitution-wrecking crash. I only hope I’m safely dead before the breakdown; living in a free-fire zone is nothing to look forward to, and neither is living under Chinese occupation.

  3. The unsustainability of the “American Dream” has been proven world wide, time and time again. Now, even the product suppliers for this perversion of mankind into materialism are going broke trying all the while to perpetrate the myth. Chrysler and GM both went down the tubes! The few, mighty, rich, affluenza suffering Americans still living in ignorant bliss are about to face disastrous deflation of the dollar, migration of capital to the ‘Yuan’ and shrinkage of their labor force base. The large laboring families, long exploited, and milked of their off-spring for the military, no longer survive, and we have the anomalous situation of more than adequate military equipment, and not enough bodies to man it! The large ‘Factory Farm’ corporations in America are about to migrate to better investments , greener fields elsewhere with their investments. Corporations, unlike farming families of days gone by, are soulless entities, and mandated to gain the highest return on a dollar possible, by any means for their shareholders, which are often grouped investments with numbers, not even names! If they shift capital to Asian markets for even a tenth of a percent profit, they have done what they are mandated to do, and will have starved millions of American urban dwellers in the process! Fear This! The astounding deflation of the American dollar has kept the financial officers of all other countries up late at night trying to save their own currencies from the onslaught of useless American paper. Watch the price of gold, and the price of oil rise! P.P.P. – Purchasing Power Parity displaces the American “Fiat” monetary system, and is how OPEC sets the price of a barrel of oil! They are no longer uneducated desert rats of the past, and are no longer easily fooled! The almighty Yankee Doodle sawbuck is in a most precarious position, falling like a stone in value, and replaced in Asia as we speak by the Chinese “Yuan” This is bad news for American working folk, who will bear the brunt of unscrupulous capitalism and the Chinese cheap labor situation both at the same time. Astounding downsizing is in order, mind bending paradigm shifts to be absorbed, and ball-busting poverty to follow! Large bodied, from hard work, and under-educated by design, the American laboring beast will find himself trapped in a no – win situation, no job to feed his hulk, and useless to the society he built for his over-lords, now courting semi-slave labor with their capital in China on the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock markets, and America literally going to “pot”

  4. @segue. actually that is exactly what the Germans did.

    @UncleB. And I do believe that the extreme capitalistic agenda that many Americans hold is unsustainable, however I think a more restrained version with moderate restraints on business does work, leading to pro-longed periods of economic growth without the frequent downturns usually accosiated with capitalism.

  5. Look up the Hungarian Pengo from the 40’s. They had notes for those going into the quintillions.

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