How to quit WoW

World of Warcraft (better known to those who are hooked on it as the WoW) is the most popular online game in the world now. It has almost twelve million subscribers paying about 15 bucks every month to get into the vast and highly addictive universe. The problem is that this game is way too much time consuming. There is always something to do there. And many players just can’t stand the temptation to spend another few minutes, another hour, another sleepless night. Days sums up into months, months into years, and the whole life is going the wrong way. That’s why many of those who were charmed by the magic of this undoubtedly well written and perfectly drawn game are deciding to quit WoW one day—and this ain’t come easy.

It’s not enough to delete all the characters and cancel the World of Warcraft account. You need to act in real life too. The good start is to throw out all the WoW boxes and CDs.

Threw out the WoW boxes, put it into the garbage

Burning down the World of Warcraft CDs and boxes

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