Huge dogs

Thousands of years of artificial selection helped dogs to become one of the most diverse specie on our planet. There are dogs of any natural colour from white to black, of any ear shape and tail length, and of course, there are dogs of any sizes from the ones you can easily put into a coat pocket to those who can outgrow their owners.

Here is our collection of the world’s biggest dogs.

1. The world's biggest Chow Chow (or is it a Tibetan Mastiff?)

2. You can mop the floor with this huge Hungarian Sheepdog

3. This one loves to sit next to its owner

4. And this one loves to cuddle

5. Quite big for a lap dog

6. Huge greyhound

7. This dog is huge and comfy

8. Another overgrown lap dog

9. Some St. Bernards are bigger than a horse

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