iMac in a coffee shop

Many of the internet dwellers and gadget geeks are familiar with the Panera Bread iMac man. Gizmodo made him a kind of an internet celebrity. And it was for a reason. The 70 years old guy was sitting almost every evening in the café with his iMac (yes, not a MacBook Pro, not a MacBook Air but the whole 21,5″ iMac in all its 10 kilos glory). Furthermore, why did he needed his iMac? To play World of Warcraft, of course!

But this Panera Bread iMac man is not alone, there are dozens of guys just like him. Some of them have been caught on camera.

1. The guy with the 24 inch iMac spotted in the Starbucks. Photo by Grant Robertson, 2009

2. Guy is using his iMac G5 in a café back in 2005. Photos by Tian

3. iMac guy in a coffee shop. Photo by Justin Heideman

4. A woman using her 24 inch iMac in the Starbucks café, 2011. Photo by Dave Linabury

5. This guy is editing video on his iMac sitting in the café

6. This guy is visiting the same coffee shop like this almost every day. Photo by Abatch, coffee shop employee

3 thoughts on “iMac in a coffee shop”

  1. Yes awesome. My friend noticed someone with a huge imac in a coffe shop too, sat it down on a little table and lounged back into a couch seat with his mouse and keyboard. Oh boy.

  2. I wanna see people bringing the biggest bad ass machine in to a coffee shop!, 24 inches?! pah, that’s nothing, I bet you could fit a who multi display of 32 inchers in there, or start watching a 3D movie on a 60inch display, or playing wii ?

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