Impaled cars

Australians love Speed Kills signs so much that they have renamed a small town of Speed (population 45) into SpeedKills last month. To make the message even more graphic they have impaled a car with a rail, perhaps, in order to remind to the flying-by reckless drivers what could happen if they won’t slow down a bit.

Australian speed kills sign impaled car

When the Ozzies can’t find a rail long enough to impale a car with it, they are tying the car (with the obligatory Speed Kills in bold, red letters on it) to a tree branch. There are few trees over there but those few are strong enough to hold the weight of the white Ghostbusters style endloader on the branch—impressive.

Australian speed kills sign as a car tied to a tree branch

Well, the widely known since its appearance in the Wayne’s World movie landmark of the suburban Chicago—the Car Kabob officially known as the Spindle was dismantled back in 2008 to make space for the drug store. And all we have to do is to put all our hopes on Ozzies. Who else will impale the cars for us to watch?

The Spindle or The Car Kabob

May be, China? Cai Guo-Qiang has impaled Ford Taurus with the dozens of LED tubes and hang it in the Seatle Art Meuseum. Not so fierce as in Chicago or Australia but definitely more “artistic”.

impaled ford taurus

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