Indian Road Signs

India is a very big country with a wonderful reach ancient culture. It’s hard to see even a tenth part of it in a month or even in a year. That’s why people who have visited India once often returns for the second visit. There are so many spectacular and fascinating things in India, but today we will speak about Indian road signs.

As in almost any part of the world Indian road authorities are aware about traffic safety. And as in almost any other part of the world they are putting warning signs on the sides of the roads. However, there is a local Indian coloring in these road signs:

road sign: drink and drive

Don’t mix drink & drive. In India most of such road signs are installed and maintained by the Border Roads Organisation. It seems that people there are far more creative than the average transportation department employees in the European countries. On the picture above they’ve put some cocktail tint into the usual “don’t drink & drive” slogan.

road sign: if married, divorce speed

If married, divorce speed. This Indian road sign will definitely take some time to comprehend.

road sign: on the bend go slow friend

On the bend go slow, friend… and rhyme your sign!

road sign: fortune befriends the bold

Fortune befriends the bold. It looks like the mountains are setting on the mood.

road sign: darling I like you but not so fast

Darling, I like you but not so fast.

road sign: after whisky driving risky

After whisky driving risky. By the way, some of these signs are just like tombstones. I won’t be really surprised if someone was being buried underneath.

road sign: drive like hell and you will be there

Drive like hell and you will be there.

road sign: smile, it is contagious

Indian roads and transportation department recommends: Smile, it is contagious.

road sign swastika

And, of course, only in India swastika could wish you a happy and safe journey…

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  1. Yep, but in Europe everyone knows that the millions were killed by those with the swastikas on their uniforms.

    Also, in 1944 Indian nationalist and future prime-minister Jawaharlal Nehru has visited Hitler in Germany supporting his efforts to fight the Britain.

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