Interesting customs of various countries

All countries differ not only by a geographical location and ethnic composition, but also in customs. At the same time there are such traditions, which to other countries can be viewed as strange, scary or even unacceptable.

Therefore it is good to know in advance what you can expect in a particular country. Today we will acquaint you with the most unusual people of the world, as well as their traditions and customs.

In Turkey a man can’t have another wife until he gives his beloved gold jewelry amounting to at least $ 10 000. Thus he confirms his financial solvency and ability to feed two wives.

Interesting customs of various countries

In Kenya, the young husband wears women’s clothing and carries out women’s duties for one month, all after their wedding day. This is done so that he will remember forever that being a woman isn’t so easy!

Interesting customs of various countries

In Thailand, water is thrown on passers during the holiday Crane Song. They don’t claim to be malice, but rather as a wish of good luck.

Interesting customs of various countries

Every self-respecting andalusian before his wedding is obliged to jump off the cliff upside down. According to ancient traditions of Andalusia it is believed that a man may marry only with a strong skull. The paradox is that the greater his wife’s relatives are, the higher is the rock.

Interesting customs of various countries

The Chinese believe that you can’t give fresh flowers. It is a symbol of death; “they are going to die soon”, but artificial flowers are a sign of respect since “they are eternal.”

Interesting customs of various countries

Perhaps the strangest customs associated with birth, is the one the Muslims have in the Indian state of Maharashtra. There is a tradition of dumping a newborn from a 15 meter wall of a temple. Those who strictly observe this ritual believe that it’s the way to improve the health of the child, to give him a successful life in the future and make him smart and bold. Falling children certainly don’t hit the ground, they are caught.

Interesting customs of various countries

In Taiwan, there is an unusual tradition – striptease at funerals. Especially for the deceased and those who came to say goodbye, bought a truck in which under the rhythms of dance music wriggle strippers.

Interesting customs of various countries

In Sweden, they like to eat fish with a musty smell. There is even the festival of fermented herring. Disgusting smell of the dishes is compensated by its magic taste, according to the Swedes.

Interesting customs of various countries

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