iToilets now and then

Somebody dropped me a picture of this shiny macbookpro style toilet today:

iToilet MacBook Pro style

It reminded me of the iToilets of the past. They were much more vibrant those days:

Old iToilets in color

So the idea of The Air Poo – MacBook Air dock equipped toilet the Internet is buzzing about last two days – is not new.

Air Poo - toilet with the MacBook air in mind

As well as the ideas of using actual Apple products in the WC. Like this Mac Mini toilet paper dispenser:

Mac Mini toilet paper dispenser

Here you can see how it was made. Text is in French but the pictures are talking by themselves. Nothing particularly difficult. If you have a spare Mini, you can do it yourself.

And some classic Mac toilet paper dispenser:

Mac Classic toilet paper dispenser

One thought on “iToilets now and then”

  1. I think this is the greatest thing ever. You have won my heart, I toilet. Now… What usual feature did apple leave out this time?

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