Kids ruined everything

Some people love the kids so much so it seams sometimes like they are ready to forgive them everything. But, I guess, there are no people who wouldn’t need a minute to calm down and accept the damage as something inevitable.

Those kids, they are like a natural disaster, like a hurricane, like an earthquake and volcano eruption. There is no room to withstand their almighty force of destruction.

Kids ruined lamp and sofa

Kids ruined kitchen, wall and own kids room

Three kids ruined bathroom

Kids ruined fishtank nearly killed all the fishes, the sofa also have been destroyed

6 thoughts on “Kids ruined everything”

  1. We ruined everything?! you made it so by the time we have grandchildren this world wont be habitable! you ruined everything including this world!

  2. oh ,how i luv them.we adult are once kids & we were rough africa,the best is to have them so the will take care of you when u are old.God bless them

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