Knit beard cap

It’s trend this winter — the beards not grown but made knit for you. The beards that makes manly and warm in the same time. Beards of different styles and colors. Beards that could turn you into brutal ever drunk dwarf on a snowboard or a ski riding conqueror of Arctic. And what is most awesome of its all is that if you can knit it by yourself, or… you can always ask you girlfriend to knit you a fancy knit beard cap.

How to knit a beard cap?

First of all it’s not knitted — it’s crocheted. Here you can find a short list of useful patterns and step by step instructions. Try them, you’ll like it.

9 thoughts on “Knit beard cap”

  1. These are the funniest! I love them. This is inspiring me to want to get back into crochet! I just love how the moustaches have slight curls in them. Hilarious!

  2. I would like to have a pattern for the knit beard hat shown at the top of this page. Can you help me with that?

  3. Mary Lynn, the one shown at the top of this page is selling at, so, I’m afraid, you can’t have that pattern. But there are quite a lot of beard and mustache hat patterns could be found free on the Internet. You can start with the links I gave at the end of the article and do some Google search after that.

  4. If it’s crochet then call it a crochet beard hat…not a knit beard hat because there is a big difference and can be confused. A simple statement that people can miss because it’s under a large picture doesn’t help.

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