Lake Hauroko: A touristic place you MUST visit

In the mountain valley of the Fiord-land National Park, hides the deepest lake of New Zeland (1,516 feet deep) called Hauroko. Nestled between the similarly-sized lakes, Monowai and Poteriteri the lake and its island became a popular tourist attraction lately.

The lake is in the focus of many myths and legends. One of them is related to the woman buried on the Mary island located here. Known as ‘the lady of the lake’ it’s believed that she rests on the island since the 16th or the 17th century. After many archeological investigations, it’s proven that she was a chieftainess of the Ngati Moi Moi tribe.

However, her burial attracts tourist because she was laid to rest, wearing flax cloak with a dog skin collar and a feather around her neck, seated upright on a bier made of sticks and leaves. Although the reasons of this unusual burial remain unknown, it’s assumed that Maori people performed rituals like this to protect the living from the dead or to prevent possible possession of evil spirits.

The name of the lake has Maori origins and means ‘sounding wind’ and if you still haven’t seen it, it’s time you put it on your travel list for this summer. Until you visit the scenic lake, scroll down and enjoy the photos we’ve prepared to present you a piece of its beauty.


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