Laptop Cover Artworks

Flying Spaghetti Monster laptop cover

Russian website GelaSkins offers a load of famous artworks printed on the sticky tape to customize and individualize your laptop. Each of them offered for about $50 (which is not so pricey but shipped to Russia only) and available for all most popular laptop sizes from 12″ to 17″. You can give your laptop a touch of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or put a bit of frustration with the most known M.C. Escher’s artworks.

M.C. Escher Drawing Hands artwork on the laptop cover
M.C. Escher Concave and Convex artwork on the laptop cover
Greg Craola Simkins art on the laptop

Molly’s First Flight by Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins.

Mario Bros. artwork by Bob Dob

Rough Night Out artwork by Bob Dob inspired by the world famous Mario and Luigi computer game superstars. And another one, called Punk Rock Blues:

Bob Dob Punk Rock Blues on the laptop
Steampunk by Colin Thompson laptop

Colin Thompson’s works look great on the laptops. The one for post-apocalyptic games and movies lover above and the one for ‘bookworm’ below:

Colin Thompson Bookshelf laptop artwork
Sorsdahl painting on the laptop

Summer Oasis by Sorsdahl.

American flag laptop cover

Putting some patriotism on your laptop with American flag (quite rusty though) or Japanese with the Tokyo metro scheme on the background.

Japanese flag laptop cover

And a couple of fractal graphic works by Gary Odom:

Gary Odom fractal graphics as laptop cover
Gary Odom fractal graphics as laptop cover

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  1. Actually these are also available in north america for thirty four bucks. I’m based in Canada and they’ve become all the rage at the office. They ship out of Toronto. Check out their site. Lots of really cool designs. And you can submit your own and get a cut of any profits from the sale. Also, they don’t damage your laptop as they’re made by a special 3M product. Gelaskins FTW!

  2. am interested if you do work too for a macbook pro “15 protective casing/carrying bag with your art design of the globe being partioned into 3 or 4 parts? am here in new york and toronto isn’t that far for shipping…kindly suggest other ways in presenting the globe design…

  3. Yeah,
    actually this is a Canadian company (not Russian) as mentioned above. Do great work, and have just come out with some cover photos by national geographic too.

    Check out the website


  4. Can you have a picture and write up on laptop cover. There will be alot of orders. Let me have your number to call you or you can reach me at +1 832 882 1327.

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