Hypnotizing lavender fields

We collected some beautiful images of lavender fields from all over the world.

In these stunning photos you can see wonderful lavender fields in full bloom. You can practically feel its aromatic scent.

Lavender is harvested all over the globe. The three most commonly cultivated species are English, lavandin and French/Spanish lavender. It is used in essential oil production, medicine, culinary, perfumery and cosmetology

Damien Borel
1. Source: Damien Borel
Angiolo Manetti
2. Source: Angiolo Manetti
Antony Spencer
3. Source: Antony Spencerr
Keeboon Tan
4. Source: Keeboon Tan
Gary Neave
5. Source: Gary Neave
6. Source: DeviantTeddine
7. Source: marcovdz
Loïc Lagarde
8. Source: Loïc Lagarde
Adam Gasson
9. Source: Adam Gasson
Ana Tramont
10. Source: Ana Tramont
Darren Pullman
11. Source: Darren Pullman

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