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  1. There is a version: everyone of them could be the god, the leader and the hero at the same time.

  2. 3 kings of materialism – Intellectual materialism, Capital materialism, Spiritual materialism
    The 3 extremes that run the world as we know it,(extremists believing that they hold a monopoly on the best of which ever system they cling to). Beautiful

  3. Also, despite the weakness of stature comparatively it’s the figure in the center tying them together, driving them as a team in a sense. Quite the statement.

  4. jesus king of spiritual materialism?

    wtf are you talking about??
    you should read a bit man!

    you are hilarious

  5. Well Big Gay Fag, perhaps he just assumend that reading was something everyone know, and not something only intellectual giants were priviliged to enjoy.

  6. I see it as follows…
    Lenin represents Communism, separation & destruction.

    Jesus Represents, what he is: The Way, The Truth & The Life.

    & Mickey represents the Humanity. Entertained, living in a fantasy Magical world, believing all sort of nonsense… in fact not being real or alive…for Jesus is the Life.

    Now I know many will not agree w/ me…But that’s precisely the point. Even your clever art, & your ignorant way of protest can be open to criticism & re-interpretation. It is only fair

    The Narrow and Wide Gates
    13″(K)Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.

    14″For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

  7. note:

    comments pointing out the obvious does not equal philosophical insight…

  8. mickey is leading jesus and lenin to you thru the mainstream media on which he has a stranglehold.the lack of respect for human life (lenin) is being instilled in our children so they will be immune by the time they are old enough to care, and jesus is there to save the day minutes before they die forgiving all they have done to further the interest of a select few.

  9. 1st Jesus in the word god should be God with a captial G. Second Micky and Lenin are not leaders or heros, 3rd Jesus is the one true God, Hero of the human race and leader of the church.

  10. ,,Lenin the dictator..wow.. and Muhammed(s.a.w) and Jesus and all the last prophets(AS) RULES!

  11. K. It is always and forever up to individual interpretation, obviously. But as The Three are holding hands can you not envision them walking though, say, Disney Land. Mickey is the child of Lenin and Jesus. They are cuckolding him, he will grow and become bigger than his ‘parents’, just as you did with yours. Hero, Leader, God are all interchangeable. They are very relative terms and are themselves up to individual interpretation. Ask an average child about Lenin and he’d shrug. Ask them about Jesus and they may regurgitate a quote from the big book. But, alas ask them about Mickey f’n Mouse…who is your God then?

  12. dis col pwickture it gwot mwicky et dah cool bouy namedd teh lener or dah sumtwinbg.

  13. They can all represent greatness, just as well as they can present evil.
    Lenin’s Bolshevik Army killed and were killed, they split Russia, brought it together, and in the process separated it from the rest of the world.
    Mickey is a representative of Disney, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t have to go through Disney’s evils, you probably know of them.
    Jesus, although the “saviour” of Christians, has caused wars. He created a schism in the Roman Empire, the Christians were persecuted for following him, Christians created the crusades, and killed many.
    The faction each person (or mouse) represents, although considered heroes, leaders and gods, can also be villains, murderers and devils.

  14. Mickey is the leader as the song goes, because, “Who’s the leader of the pack, that’s made for you and me? M-I-C, …K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E!”. No?

    Okay then: Lenin is our attempt to solve world problems through applied philosophy, with the belief that our nature can be overcome. Mickey represents our attempts to solve world problems by reinterpreting our existence to impart meaning. Jesus represents attempts at solving world issues through religious submission and acceptance, believing our nature is corrupt; we are incapable of self-cure.

    These represent the three great attempts of humanity: Philosophy, Art, and Religion, AKA the Hero, the Leader, and the God. Hero, because to the philosophical our nature must be conquered, Leader because in the Arts our existence is self-referential, and the path is to be discerned, God because to the religious we lack the ability to do it ourselves.

    Was it really that hard? Next time I will make something simple, like a coke bottle, a burger, and an order of french fries.

  15. I think it represents the three of the great “world-views” of human history. First, the religious, lead by prophets and a view that has dominated most of humanity’s existence – represented by Jesus. There is Mickey, that represents the synthesis of western liberal capitalism. Lenin represents the Communist legacy that shaped the events of the 20th century.

    All three combined represent the major spheres of human thought and consciousness, and how humanity has been attracted to each of these spheres as a method of salvation.

  16. Politics and Religion married and had a child, Mickey. They are depicted here on a stroll through Disney Land. In America, politics and religion combine to create a fantasy world controlled by the real leader, corporations.

  17. This piece it totally up for interpretation. Some would say Lenin was a great man who led the starving and oppressed working class of Russia towards a better future, which was then dismantled by Stalin. Mickey represents consumerism, money, greed and poverty. Jesus represents power and wisdom. But i think the whole point of this is piece is to make people think which role each of these figures represents. I would say Lenin was a hero and a leader, Jesus was a hero, leader and god and Mickey is just the god of consumerism.

  18. Hitler. One of them is Hitler. I only say this as a way to end this pretty damned stupid discourse which stopped making sense – as a critique of this piece of sculpture – about, oh, the first post or so.

  19. “the mouse has no agent” -Warren Buffet

    That is, the value of each is arbitrary and appropriable. So they all matter only as much as we think they matter, or can be made to believe they do.

    source: no links here, so google “Iger’s Long Term Strategy at Disney”

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