Louis Vuitton DIY homages

Probably, there are no urban dweller on our planet who can’t instantly recognize the interlinked L and V on the distinctive brown background. The Louis Vuitton’s signature pattern is widely known from the Manhattan’s most fashionable boutiques to the dirtiest slums of Kinshasa. This is the part of our common culture, the part of humanity itself, like the Campbell’s soup or ubiquitous Coca Cola logo.

It could be not so great news for the copyright owners, but in the real life the idea made publicly available starts to live on its own. It proliferating on its own, mutates on its own and being transformed by the thousands of creative minds. And, most of the time, the harder you push your idea—the more unpredictably it will mutate in the wild. It’s like a boomerang—if you threw it hard, stay alert if you don’t want to catch it with the back of your reckless head.

Louis Vuitton is pushing its signature pattern, its universally recognizable interlinked L and V logo through the almost every type of advertising really hard. So it’s not a surprise that the idea behind its signature design become the part of our common culture and mutated in dozens of different forms. Some of these mutations are gems.

1. Louis Vuitton painted car

2. Louis Vuitton pumpkin bag. Via Refinery 29

3. Louis Vuitton African calabash bowl. Photos by Sébastien Bouchard. Via TreeHugger

4. Another Louis Vuitton pumpkin

5. Louis Vuitton painted house somewhere in Mexico

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